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Typical Application of Our Housings and Cartridges

Brother Filtration has rich experience in different industries, such as food & beverage, sea water desalination, power generation plant, oil & gas field, steel plant and chemical industry. We strive to provide high cost effective solutions to save our customers from expensive and inefficient investment.



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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Sea Water Desalination Plant

Sea Water Desalination Plant

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Featured Water Filtration Products

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridges, especially focusing on pleated filter and high flow series filter. We have over 50 types of high flow end connection caps for different application requirements, replacing for Pall Ultipleat, 3M CUNO, Parker Megaflow and Pentair Aqualine filtration systems.

How We Make Your Filter Cartridge?

Are you curious about how we make your pleated filter cartridge?


Brother Filtration has 6 pleated production lines, 5 welding machines with a production capacity of 10000 pcs per day.


Pleated technology is a great method that increases filtration area. With this technology, you will get various types of filters.

Making cartridge Pleats

Making cartridge pleats starts from putting quality lab tested filtration media with suitable width on a roller. Pleating machine starts making 20-30 pleats as trial running to adjust pleating speed and pleat height. Trial running is important for pleats to have firm structure, be tough and strong. Then in formal running, pleats are made and the cutter of the pleating machine is set to cut off a certain length of pleated membrane. One worker will gather the pleated membrane into a box and forward to next procedure.

Length Control Unit

Length control unit is needed to make sure the length of pleated membrane is correct for the ordered length. Take 10” pleated filter cartridge for example, we need to cut off the surplus length on both sides of the thermal welded pleated membrane to make sure it is 10” long to fit the cage and end caps. Length control is important for the filter cartridge integrity. Too long or too short, it will end up with leakage and by pass in filtration process.

Flat Cover Thermal Welding

Flat covers are thermal welded to the both ends of filter cartridge, fusing pleated membrane, inner core & outer cage together as an integrity. Flat cover thermal welding ensures no by pass.

Side Seam Thermal Welding

Thermal welding is also known as side seam sealing of pleated membrane. We use Ultrasonic welding machine, which ensures 100% integrity of side seam. And without any additives, our thermal welded pleated filter cartridge will have less unwanted extractable in filtration process.


Shaping means putting the correct length pleated membrane into the outer cage with inner core inside the membrane, to keep the filter cartridge to have initial shape.

End Cap Thermal Welding

End cap thermal welding is done by putting filter cartridge in the middle of End caps thermal welding machine, end caps on both ends. With set temperature, two end caps move forward to the middle and get in touch with flat cover. A few seconds later, end caps, pleated membrane and outer cage & inner cage are thermal welded together to form a complete pleated filter cartridge.

Why You Trust Brother Filtration ?

  • Flexible and innovative design of filter housing and cartridges
  • Over 50 series High Flow filter cartridge connectors
  • 100% inspection before shipment
  • Well replace cartridges from Pall, Parker, 3M, Pentair, Osprey…
  • High Flow filtration test machine that guarantees great performance