Water Treatment

Water is the key important source and life for humans, and widely used in varies industries, such as Food & Beverage, Power Generation, Sea Water Desalination Plant, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry. Mostly water must be treated before entering into detail filtration process to ensure quality and safety. Brother Filtration has wide range of liquid filter cartridges for your different applications as below:

-Sea Water Desalination Plant
-Brackish Water Desalination Plant
-Industrial Water Treatment
-Marine time Water
-Municipal Water Treatment
-Potable Water


Most mining business are away from water resource. To protect and sustain water supplies in mining industry then plays very important role. Filtration products from Brother Filtration can help our customer to realize below water needs.

-Process water
-Water discharging
-Water recovery
-Drinking water

Oil & Gas

Water Treatment is essential through the whole oil & gas industry, from upstream to downstream. Qualified water enhances production yields and save environment from pollution. Combining the specialty of water treatment operation in oil and gas application, Brother Filtration starts from small details to cater our customers, reducing filtration consumable change-out frequency, ---Completion fluids

-Gravel pack fluids
-Work over fluids
-Water injection
-Produced Water

Power Generation

Increasing demand for power globally brings us also the crucial need of qualified water treatment for power generation. High temperature and fine precision are always requested. Brother Filtration have been supplying filtration consumables for domestic and international power plants for years.

-Boiler Feed Water
-Condensate Water
-Cooling water

Pharmaceutical Industry

Filtration and separation processes in the pharmaceutical industry are critical, not only to ensure products are adequately purified and fit for consumption, but also to optimize process economics and prevent loss of valuable product.

-Pure water
-Waste water reuse

Food & Beverage

Pure process water is inseparable to food and beverage industry. Brother Filtration offers wide range of filter products from sanitary filter housings to high flow and pleated cartridge filters for below applications.

-Drinking water
-RO water

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