Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Excellent Filtration Solutions For Chemicals 

Brother Filtration, the Best Chemical Filtration Solution Provider

Every chemical product has its unique character that must be treated specially. While efficient filtration is needed to purify raw materials and final products, removing emulsions from chemicals, and treatment of industrial waste water in almost every chemical factory. Brother Filtration can provide you a series of efficient filtration solutions.

Filtration Process in Chemical Industry

To Purify chemical raw material, a new equipment-the fine chemical filter is a good choice. Its high pressure backwash function can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities trapped in the filter screen to ensure filtration efficiency, and it shares longer service life.

For adsorption and removal of difficult to degrade organic pollutants in water, we mainly use activated carbon filters. It can also be used in deodorization, dechlorination and removal of heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollutants.

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective water treatment methods in existing science and technology. It can effectively treat more than 95 percent of the salts, heavy metals and chemical residues in water.

Flow Chart of Chemical Filtration Process

Flow Chart of Chemical Filtration Process

Worried About Chemical Waste Water Treatment

To prevent and control chemical waste water pollution, first of all, we should reform the production process and equipment to reduce pollutants, prevent waste water from being discharged, and carry on comprehensive utilization and recovery; The degree of treatment of waste water must be discharged shall be chosen according to water quality and requirements.

Primary treatment mainly separates suspended solids, colloids, floating oil or heavy oil in water.

Secondary treatment is mainly to remove biodegradable organic dissolutes and some colloids, reduce biochemical oxygen demand and some chemical oxygen demand in waste water.

Tertiary treatment is mainly to remove organic pollutants and dissolved inorganic pollutants which are difficult to biodegrade in waste water. The commonly used methods include activated carbon adsorption and ozone oxidation, ion exchange and membrane separation technology.

If you have difficulty in chemical waste water treatment, please feel free to contact our regional engineer for professional advice.

How to Deal With Corrosive Liquids And Reactive Chemicals?

Reactive chemicals and corrosive liquids are extremely harsh, and only a corrosion-resistant material can survive contact. Hence it is important that when the filtration process involves contact with reactive or corrosive liquids, a filtration system that is made of resistant material or coated with a material that repels these chemicals and does not let them react with the material of the housing or the filter cartridge is crucial.

Brother Filtration manufactures a wide range of filter housings and filter cartridges that are immune to chemical degradation and resistant to reactive liquids. Our team can analyze your requirement and suggest a suitable variant.

Application of Chemical Filtration

1. Filtration of silicon sulfate, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol;

2. Filtration of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, methanol, ethanol and acetone;

3. Filtration of Iron-free aluminum sulfate, chloroform, dichloramine and chlorine;

4. Desalting and filtering of crystalline salt, secondary brine and lye;

5. Filtration of barium sulfate and barium sulfide in lithopone production;

6. Filtration of chromium hydroxide and barium chromate;

7. Acid bath and sulfur filtration in chemical fiber production;

8. Filtration of oxalic acid, amino acid, lactic acid, citric acid;

9. Filtration of barium sulfate on photosensitive film production;

10. Liquid powder activated carbon decarbonization filtration;

11. Precision filtration of inorganic salt solution and powder;

12. Filtration & washing of tantalum hydroxide, niobium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, iron hydroxide;

13. Filtration of sodium hydrocarbate (baking soda) and sodium carbonate (baking soda) liquid ;

14. Filtration of enzyme method of acrylamide, calcium chloride;

15. Filtration of dioxamine liquid, palladium carbon ultrafine catalyst ;

16.  Filtration &recovery of nickel hydroxide, copper hydroxide ;

17.  Precise clarification and filtration of cerium nitrate solution.

How Do We Offer the Best Chemical Filtration Solution?

Strictly Grasp Every Detail, Only to Ensure Your High Quality.

How Do We Offer Best Chemical Filtration Solution

Brother Filtration, Your Reliable Filtration Partner

  • Compliance with national standards
  • High Precision and High Requirement
  • No Leakage Risk
  • Small area

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with independent patent, which can increase the filter area by 30%, the precision filter can filter more than 0.01 micron particles, and the flow of large flow filter element up to 70m³/h, high temperature resistant metal filter element up to 300℃…  Brother Filtration develops products tailored to different customer needs to deal with different extreme situations.  

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For The Chemical Industry

Max A high flow filter cartridge: The high filtration area up to 8 cube meters and high flow rate up to 113 cube meters per hour, it is one of our most popular high flow filter cartridges.

Bag pleated high flow filter cartridge: The max flow rate of Size1# is 25 cube meters per hour and Size2# is 40 cube meters per hour,the high filtration efficiency and low cost are loved by customers.

Bromen Series pleated filter cartridge: Absolute filtration rating 99.9% from 0.22~100um, and it has a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. It is an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance.

FRP high flow cartridge housing: Max-Flow FRP Filter Housing is an innovative and new trend product for the pre-firtration process with modular design and smaller footprint, compact and mobile. It matches with Max-A(Pall Ultipleat equivalent ) or Max-T(Pentair Aqualine equivalent )

Stainless steel filter housing: Its standard design pressure is 150psi or 300psi and it is widely used for bag filters and cartridge filter, specially designed for each case. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend plasflow housing.

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