Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Excellent Filtration Solutions For Food & Beverage Industry

Brother Filtration, the Best Food &Beverage Filtration Solution Provider

Product security is critical for the food and beverage industry because it has a direct and significant impact on our health and life safety. This also puts forward higher requirements for the filtration in food and beverage industry. Brother filtration will help you with efficient filtration solutions to improve product quality, maximize yield, reduce operating costs and safeguard health.

Filtration Process in Food &Beverage Industry

For the Adsorption of heavy metals, anionic species, dyes, inks and other organics, we do the first step of filtration by considering the use of an activated carbon filter. Further filtration of the removal of arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals can be accomplished with a security filter.

RO system can deeply purify food and beverage by removal more thinnest containment. After series of RO membrane works, we get the final products.

Flow Chart of Food &Beverage Filtration Process

Filtration Process in Brother Filtration Meets Strictly Health Standards

During food and beverage production, even the tiniest impurities can lead to contamination of the entire food production chain, resulting in expired food quality, and even more serious consequences. Hence manufacturers use stringent hygiene requirements to protect the safety of food and beverage production. Brother Filtration provides the most reliable filtration solutions that can help you meet all relevant industry standards to ensure compliance with the stringent hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry’s manufacturing processes.

How to improve Filtration Efficiency in Food &Beverage Industry

To improve the filtration efficiency,first we could increase the pressure of the filter: appropriate increase in pressure can improve efficiency. Using filtered fluid flow to provide energy while forming a pressure differential range when the filter reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase the flow rate of filtration material sooner, resulting in filtration efficiency. Second we could increase the filter area:To maximize the filtration area and minimize the footprint, we suggest the pleated filter cartridge.Bromen series pleated filter cartridge is a good choice and well received by our old customers.

Worried about Filtration Effect in Food &Beverage Industry

To make the filtration better! To be the provider of first-class filtration products and services, it is always what we have been done and what we have been looking for. Food and beverage are directly edible, we certainly care about their safety. But how to achieve the best filtration effect, how to ensure no more bacterial exit, we Brother Filtration have done many tests, especially certification to make our customer relieved.

Certification of filter housing: PED2014/68/EU

Certification of filter cartridge: CE1935 2004 UE10/2011

Application of Food & Beverage Filtration

1. Precision filtration of malt syrup, glucose liquid activated carbon;

2. Decarbonization and decolorization of sodium glutamate;

3. Precision filtration of yeast and soybean;

4. Precision filtration of fruit juice, carrot juice and aloe juice;

5. Filtration of soy sauce and vinegar;

6. Filtration of Mineral water, white wine, beer, yellow rice wine, wine, cooking wine, etc

How Do We Offer Best Food &Beverage Filtration Solution?

Strictly Grasp Every Detail, Only to Ensure Your High Quality

How Do We Offer Best Chemical Filtration Solution

Brother Filtration, Your Reliable Filtration Partner

  • Compliance with national standards
  • High Precision and High Requirement
  • No Leakage Risk
  • Small area

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with an independent patent, which can increase the filter area by 30%, the precision filter can filter more than 0.01-micron particles, and the flow of large flow filter element up to 70m³/h, high-temperature resistant metal filter element up to 300℃. Brother Filtration develops products tailored to different customer needs to deal with different extreme situations.  

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Food &Beverage Industry

Max A high flow filter cartridge: The high filtration area up to 8 cube meters and high flow rate up to 113 cube meters per hour, it is one of our most popular high flow filter cartridges.

Bag pleated high flow filter cartridge: The max flow rate of Size1# is 25 cube meters per hour and Size2# is 40 cube meters per hour, the high filtration efficiency and low cost are loved by customers.

Nylon filter bag: It is of good welding technology, not easy to be deformed and with high tensile strength; full size1,size2,size3,size4 bags are available for customers’ actual operating environment.

Bromen Series pleated filter cartridge: Absolute filtration rating 99.9% from 0.22~100um, and it has a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. It is an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance.

Stainless steel filter housing: Its standard design pressure is 150psi or 300psi and it is widely used for bag filters and cartridge filters, specially designed for each case. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend plasflow housing.

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