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In the process of mining, with the increasing depth of mine excavation, the contact reaction between underground water and coal and rock strata causes the color of underground water to become turbid, and it contains a large number of suspended matter and harmful elements. These underground mine waste water cannot be directly drunk, otherwise, it will be toxic. The mining waste water must be treated and process

Experts in Brother filtration take a long-term and overall perspective towards the treatment of mine sewage. The best mining filtration solution is to obtain long-term benefits, to establish environmental awareness and scientific management awareness, which is conducive to the long-term development of our customers.

Principles of Mining Waste water treatment

Different types of mine water have different water quality, and we should adopt different water treatment schemes.

  1. Some mines have good water quality and contain less harmful substances, which can be directly applied to daily life and production after simple processing;
  2. Weak acid mine water can be desulfurized by REDOX reaction;
  3. The suspended solids in the wastewater are mainly coal and stone powder from coal mining, which should be treated by filtration;
  4. For some high-salinity waste water and mine water with special pollutants, it has to do deeper filtration.

Filtration Process in Mining Industry (Pre Filtration)

1. Collect waste water and put it into the catchment regulation pool, and constantly regulate the amount of water;

2. Let the waste evenly mixed with the flocculant, settlement and separation quickly; the sludge removal process is completed by gravity in the sedimentation sludge tank;

3. The pre-filtration water is stored centrally after filtration and disinfection and the sludge is made into mud cakes for agricultural or pour into the Marine.

Flow Chart of Mining waste water treatment Process

Flow Chart of Mining waste water treatment Process

How to Control Filtration Speed of Value less filter Pool

Most back wash process of filter pool is controlled by automatic equipment, but for treatment of mining water, we can’t judge the water flow rate, water quality, both of them are unstable. To solve the impact of instability of mine water. We could adopt a manual value on the outlet pipe of the filter to control water volume. Sedimentation, clarification and filtration, we will meet various problems due to the influence of various factors in the actual production operation, but we must specifically analysis combined with the objective situation to find out the solution measures.

Filtration Process of Municipal mining water

After pre filtration, most of the sediment in the mining waste water is removed. To meet the quality requirements of Municipal water, we should to do further filtration.  Mineral sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical, catering and other fields, and it is step by step move into the daily life of people.

To remove suspended solids in sewage, we usually use an activated carbon filter elements; the BOD removal rate of the waste water after primary treatment is only 20%, so it is still not suitable for discharge.

To remove most colloidal and dissolved organic matter in sewage, we usually use a precise filter with membrane filter element; the BOD removal rate of the waste water after secondary treatment is about 80%~90%, it is allowed to be discharged.

Further removal of certain specific pollutants, such as fluoride and phosphorus removal, we need to add the chemical addition, and do deeper filtration by RO system.

Flow Chart of Municipal Mining Water Filtration Process

Flow Chart of Municipal Mining Water Filtration Process

How Do We Offer the Best Mining Filtration Solution?

Strictly Grasp Every Detail, Only to Ensure Your High Quality

How Do We Offer Best Mining Filtration Solution

Brother Filtration, Your Reliable Filtration Partner

Provide customized, high-quality water treatment system

Provide efficient, professional, standardized service process

  • R & D Center

Technical Support: Brother Filtration has close cooperation with Zhejiang Industry University to jointly develop filter element performance and membrane materials, and we have been improved product design performance, product production technology and manufacturing process

R&D capability: Brother Filtration has rich experience in terminal projects, aiming at the technical research of filter element rejection rate, membrane material, pollution absorption and other aspects. We have applied advanced mature technology to new products, developed different new products every year, and provided new sales points for the market.

  • Production Advantage

Certifications: We have been strictly in accordance with ISO standard construction and management, and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

4000 cube meters production area: Our company has a total of 4000 square meters of filter element production workshop, and we can produce more than 100,000 pcs high flow filter elements per year; The Filter production workshop is more than 1000 square, and we have a number of design patents.

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Mining Industry

Proclean™-carbon filter cartridge: 1 to 10 microns rated cylindrical melt blown filters provide effective SDI reduction and particulate removal to protect the RO membrane.

Bromen™-PES membrane filter cartridge: 0.2 to 0.45-micron membrane filters effectively remove microbial contamination in the final filtration stage

PDM series pleated filter cartridge: Norminal filtration efficiency is 90%-95%,and it is the economical type with low cost, the high dirt-holding also made it more popular.

Bromen Series pleated filter cartridge: Absolute filtration rating 99.9% from 0.22~100um, and it has a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. It is an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance.

Stainless steel filter housing: Its standard design pressure is 150psi or 300psi and it is widely used for bag filters and cartridge filter, specially designed for each case. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend plasflow housing.

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