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Oil & Gas

Excellent Filtration Solutions For Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas is the blood of the industry, the necessity of life, and the cornerstone of modern society. From aerospace ships to daily POTS and pans, we are inseparable from the exploitation and utilization of oil and gas. For example, aviation fuel, chemical fiber fabric, cooking gas, etc. The oil and gas resources are drilled, collected and transported, and then the crude oil is processed primarily to separate out the oil and gas and sewage that has no refining value. After atmospheric and vacuum distillation, they will be refined into our common diesel oil, gasoline and other products, paving asphalt, etc. After further treatment, they will be polyethylene and other chemical raw materials. Polyethylene here is widely used to make films, packaging materials, containers, pipes, wires and cables, daily necessities, etc.

Best Oil and Gas Filtration Solution Provider

With the oil and gas industry going through challenging times, process optimization and cost-effective operation are now more important than ever before. Brother Filtration understands these challenges and is helping companies to increase their efficiency by offering world class filtration equipment, water treatment solutions and field services to unlock the full potential of an application.

Filtration Process for Oil and Gas Industry

Drilling oil will be sucked into the heater by vacuum pressure, then the oil will be heated and flow into the primary filter, where the mixture is separated.

One is gas, after various filters and scrubbers complete the drying and remove impurities such as mercury, H2S and CO2, natural gas is collected and typically delivered to the liquefaction plant by pipeline.

The other one is crude oil. Oil flows through the oil pump and into the fine filter, where the tiny impurities are separated. If the oil is very dirty or is high water content etc, you can purify the oil circularly several times. by which to remove the water and impurities completely.

Except for oil and gas, we also get much waste water, before discharging, we need to filter the sewage to remove the harmful substance, avoiding the pollution of the environment.

Flow Chart of Filtration Process for Oil and Gas Industry

Flow Chart of Filtration Process for Oil and Gas Industry

The Right Corrosion Protection for Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas production requires complex environments with a wide range of temperatures. Oil and Gas Wells must reach thousands of meters underground to reach the reservoir. Some displacement techniques allow oil and gas to rise to the surface through tubing and casing along the way, and they will much challenge corrosion.  Such as sulfide corrosion, carbon dioxide corrosion, sulfur corrosion, high temperature oxygen corrosion and so on.  Once corrosion develops to a certain extent, it will affect the service safety of the structural parts, and the oil and gas Wells will be scrapped, or a serious blowout will occur, resulting in major safety accidents.

Brother Filtration, Filtration expertise you can rely on. We work with you to develop optimized complete solutions: from system specifications and product manufacturing to installation and support during ongoing operation. Profit from our extensive expertise in gas and oil filtration.

Filtration Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Mechanical separation device designed to handle large slugs of liquids or alleviate high solids and entrained liquid loading from feed gas to primary filtration;

Removing solids and liquid contaminants from gas, the here pleated filter cartridge is widely used;

Removing aerosolized low surface tension lubricating oil carryover from exiting compressor gas, to provide high-quality gas for custody transfer, pipeline transmission, or further processing; Melt blown cartridges are perfect to remove difficult contaminants including fine aerosols and low surface tension liquids such as amines, glycol and lube oils.

Remove solids and aerosols from a primary fuel source, to provide high BTU fuel gas for optimal combustion, reducing NOx emissions and overall fuel consumption; Oltek pleated cartridge filter is a good choice;

Removing contaminants like wear materials and ash from lube oils, single and multiple high flow cartridge housings have been designed specifically to solve it.

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Oil and Gas Industry

Pro clean Oil filter bag : Modern manufacturing processes and fabrics from the world’s leading textile mills are utilized in producing our filter bags. We also offer several types of bag filters for unique challenges and situations.

Pro clean melt blown filter cartridge:Brother Filtration’s melt blown cartridge filters have a unique construction formed by thermally moulded polypropylene fiber layers that offer excellent depth filtration, higher filtration efficiency, long service life and thermal stability.

Oltek pleated cartridge filter: Brother Filtration’s Oltek pleated cartridge filters have an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance.

Multiple high flow cartridge housings: Brother Filtration supply the best high flow cartridge filters and cartridge filter housings for the most diverse operating conditions and filtration requirements. We have full replacements for high flow filter systems from major international brands.



How Do We Offer Best Oil and Gas Filtration Solution?

Strictly Grasp Every Detail, Only to Ensure Your High Quality

How Do We Offer Best Mining Filtration Solution

Brother Filtration, Your Reliable Filtration Partner

Provide customized, high-quality water treatment system.

Provide efficient, professional, standardized service process.

    • Increased process dependability
    • Customized filtration solutions
    • Long filter lifetime
    • Low energy consumption
    • Supplemental services for maximum filter performance

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Food &Beverage Industry

Max A high flow filter cartridge: The high filtration area up to 8 cube meters and high flow rate up to 113 cube meters per hour, it is one of our most popular high flow filter cartridges.

Bag pleated high flow filter cartridge: The max flow rate of Size1# is 25 cube meters per hour and Size2# is 40 cube meters per hour, the high filtration efficiency and low cost are loved by customers.

Nylon filter bag: It is of good welding technology, not easy to be deformed and with high tensile strength; full size1,size2,size3,size4 bags are available for customers’ actual operating environment.

Bromen Series pleated filter cartridge: Absolute filtration rating 99.9% from 0.22~100um, and it has a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. It is an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance.

Stainless steel filter housing: Its standard design pressure is 150psi or 300psi and it is widely used for bag filters and cartridge filters, specially designed for each case. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend plasflow housing.

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