Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Excellent Filtration Solutions For Pharmaceutical Industry

Brother Filtration ,the Best Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Solution Provider

With the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the progress of nanotechnology, and the rapid expansion of generic drug production, the global pharmaceutical filtration market is growing significantly.Brother Filtration provides safe, timely and cost-effective integrated solutions for drug development and production in the global pharmaceutical industry, which covers upstream fermentation (cell), filtration, purification, liquid treatment and laboratory technologies. For the development of the next generation of pharmaceutical technologies, we focus on technologies represented by single-use technologies and high value-added services to meet the rapidly changing requirements of industry technology.

Application of Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration

Filtration used in Pharmacy Products:

Sterile apis, vaccines, biological products, blood products, infusion, buffer, reagent water, ophthalmic preparations, lyophilized powder injection sterilization filtration;  Pharmaceutical precious active ingredient recovery, catalyst regeneration, active carbon purification and removal, gelatin filtration, hormones, vitamin extracts, medicinal materials preparation polishing, plasma protein removal, salt solution filtration, etc.

Filtration used in Pharmacy Process:

Raw material sterilization filtration, chemical raw material filtration, activated carbon removal filtration, strong corrosive reagent filtration, high temperature fluid filtration,primary filtration of biological products , etc.

Flow Chart of Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Process

The picture shows the filtration involved in the pharmaceutical process, which can be found that filtration is an essential key process used by the pharmaceutical industries.

Filtration Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Air sterilization and filtration:Untreated air contains water mist, oil mist, rust, fine dust, bacteria and many other impurities, must be removed to ensure safe production and meet the air requirements;

Medium filtration: The culture medium is used for microbial fermentation and cell culture in the pharmaceutical process, and ensuring the sterility of the fermentation & culture process is the key of the biotechnology process;

Buffer filtration:In pharmaceuticals industry, such as vaccines, blood products, recombinant  proteins, monoclonal antibodies and cell therapy, large amounts of the buffer solution are used in production processes which are often filtered in order to ensure the stability of the process and minimize;

Filtration of Virus:Filtration technology has a wide range of applications in different stages of the vaccine process, such as the gas sterile filtration, the mycoplasma sterile filtration for culture medium, the buffer sterile filtration, the separation of bacteria, and the concentration of protein.

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Pharmaceutical Industry

To achieve the goal of one-stop service for our customers,we do not only produce series of filter element,which is from small water pleated membrane filter to high flow filters MAX series,but also produce filter housings and other accessories.

PDM Pleated Cartridge Filter:The PDM series filter element have the characteristics of deep filtration and high pollution absorption. When ensuring water flux and filtration efficiency, it can also intercept more target removers, effectively prolong the service life of the filter element and optimize the economic cost.

ELC Pleated Cartridge Filter:ELC pleaed filter cartridge filter is the highest pleated filter cartridge,which asks for more technology requirements,and the filtration efficiency is better compared to other pleated filter cartridge.

PVDF membrane filter element:PVDF Membrane Filter adopts Hydrophilic PVDF membrane, and the shell is made of polypropylene hard cage or stainless steel lining hot melt welding. Natural Hydrophilic, uniform pore size, high porosity, strong acid and alkali resistance, low temperature creep resistance, suitable for gas sterilization and filtration.

PTEF membrane filter element:PTFE Membrane Filter is with strong acid and alkali resistance. high temperature and ozone resistance, stable hydrophilicity, large circulation. uniform pore size, DeltaMax Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane is suitable for clarification and sterilization filtration of highly oxidizing liquid and highly corrosive organic solvents.

Filtration Equipment of Pharmaceutical Industry Must Comply with GMP Standards

As the basis of drug manufacturing,medicine equipment must comply with GMP standards. Filters used in pharmacy industry is an important part of medicine equipment, and it asks for strict requirements. The filters must be in strict accordance with the industry requirements to meet the cleaning requirements.

Many occasions in API production require aseptic filtration,such as compressed air, hot air, distilled water, liquid raw materials and API solution, etc. For these different materials, different states, and different temperatures of filtration, it must be combined with specific conditions to choose the appropriate filters to complete the sterilization.The filtration device must could be disinfected in time

How Do We Offer Best Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Solution?

  • Engage in continuous research development and testing to achieve better filtration products
  • Design high efficiency products that lower customers’ cost
  • Test all products for quality before they move out of our facility
  • No long waiting times – Quick delivery
  • Provide technical support to resolve filtration challenges
  • Provide excellent after-sales support

Brother Filtration,Your Reliable Filtration Partner

Filtration is an essential process step in pharmaceutical, and scientific laboratory applications. With our extensive experience in membrane and filter devices, backed by our legendary product quality, it comes as no surprise then that Brother Filtration continues to be a leading choice for filters, membranes, and filter devices used in the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries.


In Brother Filtration, we sell to you is not just a filter, you also get a comprehensive understanding of filtration service your need. Only after a thorough understanding of your production process, we will recommend to you a corresponding filter system. Our global technical experts will provide you with a comprehensive range of support services, help you maintenance and effective use of your filter products.

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