Refining,or petroleum refining, which is the process of separating petroleum through distillation to kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other products used in energy industry. Effective and reliable filtration is extremely important in refinery.If we fail to remove contaminants from critical processes,which will increase operating costs and an increased risk of damaging sensitive downstream equipment. The requirements of refinery filtration vary from solid removal and fluid separation upstream to the accuracy of the downstream refining process.Brother filtration can provide you with a variety of best filtration solutions.

For pre filtration of crude oi,it is mainly to desalinate and dehydrate crude oil.  After the crude oil is extracted from the oil field, it is necessary to carry out preliminary desalination and dehydration in the oil field to reduce the power consumption and pipeline corrosion in the transportation process.

For the process of oil and water separation,we will destroy the emulsification state of crude oil by demuldifier , temperature, water injection and other factors,then do next filtration by our new generation RO system

For fine filtration before filling of refined oil products,the core oil filter is generally used,with its filtration accuracy up to 0.01micron.This step can remove some insoluble fine impurities in the oil to meet the requirements of the process.

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