Refineries and Petrochemicals

Refineries and Petrochemicals

Excellent Filtration Solutions For Refineries and Petrochemicals

The main petrochemical products produced at oil refineries are: diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel and kerosene etc. The products are stored in large containers prior to sorting and delivery to final destination, which may be via pipe networks or tankers. Whilst in storage the products are susceptible to collecting debris such as rust and small particles which can cause problems upstream of the distribution points and damage end users’ equipment as well as spoiling the final product. Therefore, the products are filtered and coalesced prior to delivery to remove contaminants and water.

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Refining, or petroleum refining, which is the process of separating petroleum through distillation to kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other products used in energy industry. Effective and reliable filtration is extremely important in refinery. If we fail to remove contaminants from critical processes, which will increase operating costs and an increased risk of damaging sensitive downstream equipment. The requirements of refinery filtration vary from solid removal and fluid separation upstream to the accuracy of the downstream refining process. Brother filtration can provide you with a variety of best filtration solutions. Our high-performance filtration solutions are proven to improve reliability, efficiency and profitability for refinery and petrochemical applications worldwide

Filtration Process for Refineries and Petrochemicals Industry

For pre filtration of crude oil, it is mainly to desalinate and dehydrate crude oil.  After the crude oil is extracted from the oil field, it is necessary to carry out preliminary desalination and dehydration in the oil field to reduce the power consumption and pipeline corrosion in the transportation process.

For the process of oil and water separation, we will destroy the emulsification state of crude oil by demuldifier , temperature, water injection and other factors, then do next filtration by our new generation RO system.

For fine filtration before filling of refined oil products, the core oil filter is generally used, with its filtration accuracy up to 0.01micron.This step can remove some insoluble fine impurities in the oil to meet the requirements of the process.

Flow Chart of Filtration of Refineries and Petrochemicals Industry

Brother Filtration Popular Product Choice For Refineries and Petrochemicals Industry

Pro clean Oil filter bag : It is widely used during whole filtration process of refinery because of these characters :resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments; it can be cleaned in-situ; high void volume.

Max Series High Flow Filter Cartridge: To remove solid contaminants from the equipment, it can protect liquid coalescers and downstream equipment, and maintain final product specifications.

Fouling Resistant RO Element: Fouling Resistant RO Element is developed for complex water quality. This element with special membrane preparation process, it improved the hydrophilia, charge characteristic and roughness, can effectively reduce the breeding of Biofouling and adsorption of pollutants in the membrane surface.

multiple high flow cartridge housings: Brother Filtration manufactures a full range of stainless steel industrial and sanitary housings, available from 10 to 24bar , with both single and multi-element housings to suit every application. Housings manufactured from other alloys and made to other design codes are also available on request, please contact us for further details.

Importance of Oil Water Separation

Since oil is not soluble in water, the mixture forms a suspension. Once the suspension gets into another medium such as the soil, rivers and large water bodies, it becomes more difficult to separate. Likewise, if the oil-water suspension gets into your engine, it can cause irreparable damage.

Oil water separation is a field of high significance as it has direct practical implications for resolving the problem of industrial oily waste water and other oil water pollution. Therefore, the development of functional materials for efficient treatment of oil-polluted water is imperative. At Brother Filtration, we provide the best filtration systems at affordable prices. Our friendly staff is always available to listen and respond to your requests.

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Advancement of Oil Water Separating Filter Element

Specifically, two kinds of special wettable filter element are suitable for oil water separation, that is hydrophobic membrane filter element, and hydrophilic membrane filter element.  Hydrophobic membrane filter element are actually oil removing materials from the bulk. This particular type of wetting property of material will repel the water phase and absorb oil, thus separating oils from an oil and water mixture. hydrophilic  membrane filter elements are water removing material from the oil-water mixture with the reverse selectivity to the oil absorbing materials.

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Thanks to our professional and passionate technical engineer team, our products won approval and trust from increasing users worldwide for the provided excellent products and superb customer service. Brother Filtration ensures that each customer’s requirements will be met and questions answered to their satisfaction. We aim to provide our customers with value-added solutions and best service for their water treatment needs. Our network of offices and business partners worldwide enable us to response quickly to customers with our best available solution and service no matter where they are.

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