Backwash Cartridge Filter


Backwash PP pleated cartridge filter or also known as backwash-able PP pleated water filter, is specially designed for Power Plant water treatment applications. The filter can be used in condensate water treatment without Resin pre-coating. The backwash PP pleated cartridge filters are constructed with the extremely pure raw materials to make sure no possible extractable. The pleating technology brings this filter a increased effective filtration area than conventional Power Plant normally used fiberglass string wound cartridge filters.

After filtration iron oxide and suspended copper contaminants are significantly decreased. The whole power plant water system can be better protected with its fine precision filtration ability.

Being able to be backwashed, much cost can also be saved for the end users during daily operation.

With wide range of end cap types and portfolio of this backwash PP pleated filter cartridge, we are glad to know more about your power plant water treatment requests and provide you a suitable customized engineering solution.


Features and Advantages of Polyester pleated filter cartridge:

  1. Lower and change-outs and disposal costs
  2. Easier maintenance during operation and labor cost saving
  3. Less damage from iron and copper to the boiler and turbine
  4. Less boiler and turbine clean costs
  5. Wide chemical compatibility

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