Backwash Cartridge Filter


Backwash PP Pleated filter cartridge specially designed for water treatment in power plant, apply to condensed water treatment without resin pre-coating. Backwash PP Pleated filter cartridge made of extremely pure raw materials ensures no fiber shedding. Pleating technology allows this filter to have a higher effective filtration area than a fiberglass string filter typically applied to conventional power plants.

After filtration, iron oxide and suspended copper pollutants were obviously reduced. And the water treatment system of the whole power plant has precise filtration ability and can provide better protection.

Since backwash can be used, cartridge saves end-users a lot of cost during routine operation. With a large range of end cup and Backwash PP Pleated filter combinations, we are happy to have a knowledge of your requirement about water treatment in your plant and provide suitable customized engineering solutions.


 Features of Backwash PP Pleated filter cartridge

  1. Reduce replacing and disposal cost
  2. Easy maintenance during operation and cost-saving
  3. Reduce the damage from Iron and cooper to boilers and turbines
  4. Save cleaning cost for boilers and turbines
  5. Extensive chemical compatibility.

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