What is a High Flow Filter

High flow means the use of a smaller number of filter elements, reducing labor and operating costs. The high flow filter elements produced by China […]

How to correctly wash filter bag?

How to correctly wash filter bag? Nylon filter bag and stainless steel filter bag belong to single layer filter bag,which is made of a thin and […]

Tips to choose filter element and tips to install filter element

5 Tips to choose filter element Tip one According to the use situation,the cartridge filters can be divided into liquid filtration and gas filtration, and […]

Bag Filter Housing

What is a Bag Filter Housing? Bag Filter is an fluid pollution control device,which helps to remove particulates from a fluid stream released from any commercial process. Filter bags are […]

water softener and water filtration

What is water softener system? What is hard water? Hardness is measured in milligrams per liter,soft water has a hardness range of less than twenty milligrams […]