Europe Top 2 Warehouse Guides Us To Make A Better Filter Housing

Let’s tell a story from one of our big case in 2018 year end.
2018 year end, we deeply luckily received a sincere quotation from European Top 2
Waresales. Besides exciting, we do have worries.
We worried about the gap between Chinese production process and standard of Europe.
Finally we did it. HOW?Follow us.
Here, we would still present our appreciate to TOP2 customer, grace to this big case, we factory
Improved effectively our production standard process, product quality control process, certificate coded. Otherway to say, we are truly on the road to higher level.

Les’s figure it out from outside to inside.
Packing checking
Stainless steel cartridge filter housings after fabrication are normally packed into paper
Cartons or wood cases. Packings have to be rigid and strong themselves to endure accidental pressure during  Shipment.

We also need to make sure the cartridge filter vessels cannot move or shake inside .

Otherwise, during long journey of transportation, damages have chance to be caused onto the cartridge filter housing product and affect furture filtration performance.

What’s more, packing membrane has to be covered onto the housing filter all around
Before being put into the carton/case. Scratches can be avoided to keep the filters in good Status when customer receive the goods.

Meanwhile one more tip that when your cartridge filter housings are with outside painting, please check with supplier if they put more extra small tank of painting inside the packing. There Might be some marks or defects caused on the surface finishing when unload the cartridge filter housing to the operation site.

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