Europe Top 2 Warehouse Guides Us To Make A Better Filter Housing

Let’s tell a story from one of our big cases at the end of 2018. In 2018, we were so lucky to receive a quotation from a European Top 2 Warehousing company. After being excited, we began to worry.

We worried about the gap and differences between Chinese production and European regulations. But finally, we just made it! Are you wondering how?

All in all, we still want to appreciate this customer, thanks to this big case, we have opportunities and challenges. To meet European standards, we improved our production process effectively, as well as the quality control process.

We also got certification from professional accrediting organizations. In conclusion, we could say that we are truly on the road to the next level.

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Let’s see how we did it!

Package checking

Stainless steel cartridge filter housings after fabrication are normally packed into paper cartons or wood cases. Packages have to be rigid and strong enough to endure accidental pressure during shipment and transportation. We also need to make sure that the cartridge filter housings can not move or shake inside the package.

package for filter housing

Otherwise, during a long journey of transportation, damages might be caused to the appearance of the cartridge filter housing, and further filtration performance would be affected.

In addition, the packing membrane has to be covered the housing filter all around, before being put into the carton/case. Scratches can be avoided to keep the filters in good condition when customers receive the goods.

How to reduce SUS filter housing cost

Meanwhile, one more tip when your cartridge filter housings are with outside painting, please check with the supplier if they put a more extra small tank of painting inside the package. There might be some marks or defects on the surface finishing when unloading the cartridge filter housing to the operation site.


At last, we still want to express our excited mood again, and let our customers know that we’ve made progress in our production standards. If you have any problems or you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.

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