ProClean Pleated Block Filter


Carbon pleated water filter cartridge is constructed with activated carbon and special fiber membrane matrix. Larger effective filtration area is provided by the activated carbon pleated filter cartridge. Unlike normal class 1 type carbon filters, only filtering sediment, chlorine, taste and odor. The Carbon Pleated Filter Cartridge can be even used in municipal and non-chlorinated water applications and pre-filtration of Reverse Osmosis.

Carbon pleated water filter cartridge is a higher class carbon water filters and ideal for water polishing for closed loop streams applications like RO water and well water.

If further project information can be provided, we are glad to help you to choose a suitable carbon pleated water filter cartridge.


Features and advantages of ProClean Pleated Block Filter

  1. Non-cellulose media
  2. Provides sediment filtration and chlorine taste & odor reduction
  3. Pleated for maximum dirt-loading capacity
  4. Nominal 10-micron
  5. Increased filtration area for extended service life

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Carbon Pleated Water Filter Cartridge