Case Study—-Ultra H high Flow Cartridge Filter

We are excited to tell that, our Ultra H high flow cartridge filter, which is especially to replace 3M CUNO high flow element, already been approved by one large Coal chemical plant in China.

It is an project of 550 billion CNY investment in China.

It takes an total area of 815.67 hectares, in which the plant area takes 334.4 hectares.

Coal is used as raw material, in which 19.376 million tons of raw coal and 5.219 million tons of fuel coal per year consumed.

24.595 million tons in total per year.

The project’s annual water consumption is 24.78 million square meters.

The project is put into operation with an annual output of 4.05 million tons of oil, and it is the world’s largest single investment portfolio, the largest installation with independent intellectual property rights of coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project. We are so proud to be involved and supplying our products inside.

The project is the first stage of pretreatment and membrane desalination unit, including the mine tail series pretreatment and membrane desalination, coal chemical wastewater pretreatment and membrane desalination, standard discharge treatment.

Total water treatment is 5000m3/h, and 16 pcs high flow housings in two units, 300 m3/h for per housing, and 8 pcs 40inch filter element per housing.

There has two RO systems in plant, the raw water is combining waste water, mining water water, after pre filtration and RO membrane filtration, water come after from RO membrane, will go into the the next producing process.

Until now we provided 6000 pcs Ultra H high flow filter which is the replacements for 3M CUNO high flow filter in this plant, and the filtration performance is quite good. Our Ultro H high flow cartridge filter with large dirt holding capacity, big flow rate and super filtration area than vertical pleated technology. We are excited and proud to be the specified supplier.

40inch  high flow cartridge filter = 12 m2 filtration area media;

60inch  high flow cartridge filter = 18 m2 filtration area media;

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