The coalescer filter was used in hydrocarbon fuel contaminants to remove and separate water from fuel.

There will be 2 stages in the whole coalescer process. In stage 1, contaminants need to be removed by using a micron rating high flow cartridge filter and coalescer filter, which can separate water from fuel to get qualified fuel and hand it over to the end user.

Here the obvious problem would occur when TPP is used. There is a Chinese supplier’s cartridge filter below, you can find out the problem easily in the picture.

Coalescer and separator filter cartridge for TPP

Brother Filtration, also a cartridge manufacturer, should not be judging our competitors. We can only say that the result of such usage is entirely due to insufficient communication before confirming the order.

As industry peers, it is clear to us that hydrocarbon is the cause. This is because polypropylene is not suitable for use with hydrocarbons. During the process, PP would begin to be soft and soft, till it can’t resist operation pressure.

It is obvious that finding a reliable filtration supplier is extremely important. A reliable filter manufacturer should know well about the application and filter material. The manufacturer has the responsibility to consider providing filtration solutions with material design from the outside cage, membrane, sealing, O-ring, and other plastic parts.


As we mentioned above, due to a lack of communication, an improper material was used in order, which caused the incompatibility between filter material and application requirements.

The sales team from Brother Filtration organized the meeting with the end user to collect more information about this project, which includes:

  • Filter process design
  • Inlet filter media quality
  • Outlet filter requirement
  • Filter media component
  • Operation & Max pressure
  • Operation & Max temperature


Those factors are what challenged us. Only by having the exact and right data can we design the most suitable filtration solution for the customer.


Based on the requirements of the project. We provided a Max-A high-flow filter cartridge with glass fiber filter media and a 5um absolute rating, to remove contaminants for stage 1. The reason Brother Filtration selected glass fiber is that the PP material would be swelling in hydrocarbon fluid.

PP material would be swelling in hydrocarbon fluid

For stage 2, we needed a coalescer filter to remove water from the fuel. Brother Filtration chose a coalescer filter as a substitution for the PALL coalescer filter. According to the customer’s application environment, we design the product structure that suits them.

the coalescer filter

Brother Filtration cared about every detail including the shipment. We packaged well for all filters. We wanted to make sure that our filter products keep in the best condition after a long transportation.

including the shipment
including the shipment

Additionally, Brother Filtration paid attention to the installation. Although we are not able to be on-site to provide guidance, we stay in close contact with the site staff and are always available to resolve any issues that arise.

filtration experience

Thanks to our attentive service, and professional analytical guidance, we have received satisfactory feedback from our customers. This is what we have been pursuing, to provide better filtration solutions for our customers and to make the whole process worry-free.

The customer said, “ the testing result is good and customers want to buy orders again!”

customer said

If you have the same problem with your coalescer and separator filter and want to improve your filtration system with a better solution, Brother Filtration would be a perfect choice for you.

We have years of filtration experience and a professional technical team to help you solve filtration problems. If you are interested in us, you can contact us directly!


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