Melt Blown Filter cartridge

Mining plant desalination of sea water

Location: Chile


Operating in the Atacama Desert, this mining firm manages two open pit copper mines. It’s currently the highest producing copper mine globally. With operations that need a substantial amount of water, desalination is often used to turn seawater into usable liquid. This organization continues to excel in its field and provide customers with quality mineral resources.

Mining Plant Desalination

This time, the filter element of the mining plant is facing the problem of needing to be replaced. In order to optimize water resources management and save economic costs, the service life can be extended while ensuring water production. For the choice of the filter element, they need to think more about choosing the most suitable one.


Unstable inlet water quality of the project

(when water quality is well, the life span of filter cartridges can last 50-70 days, but when it is terrible, the life span of cartridges just last 30 days.)

Average production water capacity: 11500m³/h

the old filter cartridge

The customer wants to look for a high performance and cost friendly cartridge filter supplier. This project has 26 filters in total, and each filter needs to match 300 filter elements, all of which need to be replaced.

Brand new filter cartridge

High-quality filter cartridge products with a long on-stream life are required since the replaced filter cartridge must be applied directly in the production water.


In order to learn more about this project, the sales team from Brother Filtration planned an online meeting with the end customer.

replacing filter cartridges

We won’t disregard everything from the design of the filter process to the quality of the inlet water, the filter media’s components, the maximum operating pressure, and the maximum operating temperature.

After considering everything, we recommended the use of 50inches melt blown filter cartridges(5um, 222fin) and provided 1800 pcs of sample cartridges for this project’s test in 2016.

The new filter cartridges was replaced

The new filter cartridges were designed to trap impurities and contaminants effectively while allowing the water to pass through, ensuring that the water met the required quality standards.

The customer was very satisfied with the performance of our cartridges in the end, which could provide a  loose fit but 50-70 days of service life (25% longer than before) while production water kept in high quality.

filter cartridge installed

By investing in high-quality melt blown filter cartridges and ensuring regular replacement, mining plants can ensure that their desalination systems operate efficiently and meet their water requirements.

The reason why we can perfectly solve such problems is that our lean manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive services can provide customers with optimal solutions and improve their overall production efficiency.

Contact us, never let you down when it comes to solving industrial filtration. When you upload your CAD files for a free quotation and project review, the same manufacturing quality will be applied to your upcoming project.


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