Believe most people would like to make your filter element to use as much as long as it can be. But how we can Extend Filter Service Life?

Normally to extend cartridge filter lifetime, there are 2 effective ways.

Filter life is directly related to a filter’s dirt holding capacity.

It can be defined as the total volume of fluid that passes through a filter before reaching the maximum operating differential pressure. Under a constant flow rate, the life of most absolute rated filters is significantly increased when their effective surface areas are increased.


Relationship between flow density Snd the resulting differential pressure

This property of filter life is a direct result of the relationship between flow density (gallons per minute per square foot) and the resulting differential pressure across the filter area. Under ideal conditions, the maximum increase in filter life is equal to the square of the increase in effective surface area.


Doubling the effective filter surface area can increase filter life up to four times!

Way 1:  Cartridge filter effective membrane area.

Obviously, the filtration area of the high flow cartridge filter is more than the depth cartridge filter, thus the dirt holding capacity is more than the depth cartridge filter.

Here below is method to calculate the filtration membrane area between the depth filter cartridge and high flow cartridge filter.

Cartridge filter effective membrane area.

  • The filtration area of depth cartridge filter =  length *  diameter
  • The filtration area of membrane = number of pleats* 2 * pleat height * length

For example,

A. 1pc of melt blown cartridge filter, OD 2.5″, 40Inch

Filtration area=  (40inch*25.4)* (2.5″* 25.4)=  1016 *  63.5 =  2.58㎡

B. MAX-A high flow cartridge filter, OD6″. L: 40inch

Filtratn area =  (40inch*25.4)* (6*25.4)= 1016* 152.4= 15.48㎡

Way 2:  Why sometimes we need to decompose the flow rate capacity.

Extend Filter Service Life

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