How to choose the best filter for my water?
Where to get a more cost-effective alternative water filter?
Why am I troubled by the short service life of high flow filter?

Yes, those are all the Questions we have got from our clients. I believe most of you in water treatment industry have met such problems also.
Don’t worry. Let’s show you how to choose.
Below is one test analysis we have done for one customer. Hope the info will let you know more about real good high flow filtration.

High Flow Water Filter Testing System

Brother Filtration has the only one High Flow filter cartridge testing system in China. It is equipped with Brother Filtration Max Flow FRP high flow system from 20″, 40″ to 60″ and Max A Pleated High Flow water filter.

FRP high flow system replacing pentair aqualine

Tested High Flow Filter Cartridge Brands

Brand X, experienced manufacturer in China providing standard items

Brand Y, professional manufacturer in air and liquid filter cartridge in China

Brother Filtration, high flow expert manufacturer

Tested Results –  Water Filter Anatomy Analysis

Brand X

5 layers membrane structure

Membrane Structure – 5 layers including Mesh

What we found:

  1. Only one true dirt holding membrane – membrane 2nd;
  2. No graded filtration;
  3. Limited filtration area and small dirt holding capacity;
  4. Short service life;
  5. Fast pressure rising;
  6. Uneven Filtration and congestion in red circle.

Brand Y

6 layers membrane structure

Membrane Structure – 6 layers including Mesh (Mesh does not show in the pic)

What we found:

  1. Most particles are blocked by membrane 1st
  2. Congestion happened in pleat peaks leaded to sudden pressure rising
  3. Short service life;
  4. Uneven Filtration and congestion in yellow circles

Brother Filtration

7 layers graded membrane structure

Membrane Structure – 7 layers including Mesh (Mesh does not show in the pic)

What we found:

  1. Membrane 1st and 2nd able to hold most particles
  2. Very high effective filtration area — each layer membrane is 100% used (Red circle part) 
  3. Larger filtration area, and lower start pressure drop
  4. Super highly dirt holding capacity
  5. 1.5 times service life than others under same water quality


Brother Filtration High Flow Filter cartridge filter graded membrane structure is the most scientific designed. It delivers the best performance during the same conditioned filtration test.

With Longer service life and better quality water provided, Brother Filtration is your first choice when select high flow partners. Besides providing you quality product, we also help you to solve the trouble. If you are bothered by your ineffective cartridge filter or trying to reduce O & M cost, please come to us, we will surprise you.


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