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Typically, the housing of a bag filter is composed of stainless steel, and the inside filter element is filled with PP or PE filter bags or other filter elements. An innovative filtering technology that supports bag filter housing is pressure filtration. The metal mesh basket holds up the filter bag inside the housing. After passing through the filter bag, the liquids exit through the outlet after entering through the inlet.

CST Classic Single Bag Housing has a top-in and bottom-out design, which is equipped with integral casting. It also has a compact structure and cost-effective performance. The head of filter housing is made by bolt fastening and integral casting that can withstand higher pressures and has better sealing performance without side leakage.

Brother Filtration designs and manufactures bag filter housing following our basic rules, high quality, and high standard. We adopt a top in design, so that the flow direction from the head can reduce turbulence and improve the filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bag.

For all filter housings, the seal performance is one of the key points, the head cover of our CST Classic Single Bag Housing is directly sealed and compressed on the filter bag without leakage. The cover can be opened and closed quickly and easily, and adapt to different opening directions, which make it convenient in real operation condition.

Brother Filtration always pays attention to customers’ real needs, we offer optional Flange or thread interface and adjustable filter legs. We really consider the process and needs of the operation.

CSTS series with lower resistance design, which is suitable for sanitary industry, high viscosity, or low residue applications. It can be widely used in industries such as pulp & paper, food & beverage, metalworking fluids, chemical processing especially graphite, resin, coating car, electronic, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical.


Brother Filtration CST Classic Single Bag Housing adopts top-in design, making it more efficient. We always attach importance to customers’ needs, we design and manufacture filter housing for convenience and easy operation with better performance.

  • Top-in and bottom-out design
  • Designed with Integral casting
  • Compact and durable construction
  • Adjustable filter legs
  • Flange or thread interface is available
  • Safe and convenient to replace the filter bag

The innovative and convenient CST Classic Single Bag Housing is designed for high flow rates and high sediments capacity. With its better head cover design, it has great seal performance. We believe it can beyond your expectations.

  • Easy and quick open for the cover
  • The cover can adapt to different opening directions
  • Better seal performance without leakage
  • Improved filtration efficiency
  • Extended service lifetime
  • Designed for high flow rates and high sediment capacity
Number of filter bags 1
Filter bag size 01: Size 1
02: Size 2
Inlet and Outlet DIN / ANSI / BSP / NPT
Maximum flow 40m³/ h
Maximum operating temperature 150 ℃
Maximum operating pressure 10 Bar (150 PSI)

Order Information

CSC -E -01 -02 -D -10 -50 -B
Model Material No. of filter bag Filter Bag Size Connections Design Pressure Inlet/Outlet diameter Gasket materials
CST Classic Single Bag Housing E=SS 304L
S=SS 316L
01 01=Size 1
02=Size 2
10=10 bar (150 PSI) 50=DN 50 (2’’) B=Buna N
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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