Strainer basket and basket strainer, sometimes those two things just confuse people. And some people would consider them are the same thing. However, they are totally different. Taking the traditional filter housing and filter cartridge as examples, we can figure out the difference between a strainer basket and a basket strainer easily.

Detailed introduction for strainer basket

You can simply consider the basket strainer as the filter housing, and the strainer basket as the filter cartridge, then you can easily understand the relation between them.

What is a strainer basket?

The strainer basket determines what kinds of particles can be removed. The particles larger than the mesh size can not pass through the basket and would be trapped in the strainer basket. You can regard the strainer basket as the heart of the basket strainer.

There are many different types of strainer baskets, which have different layer structures, mesh sizes,s and top types. For different applications, we need to choose according to design.

What is strainer basket

The mesh size is like the pore size of the filter cartridge and filter bag. Customers can decide the mesh size based on what kinds of particles they want to remove. The strainer basket is usually used to do coarse filtration which the particles can be seen from our eyes directly.

The mesh shape also varies from square and circle. Customers just need to think about the operating condition and the regular particles, then they can decide which shape to choose.

If you need fine filtration, then the double-layer structure could be a nice choice. However, you should remember that highly accurate filtration can only be completed by microfiltration, RO or UF membrane.

What are the advantages of strainer baskets?

Compared with filter cartridges and filter bags, the strainer basket is mainly made of steel, which is more durable and reusable. The dirty filter cartridge can not be reused and must be changed and thrown. The strainer basket is more environmentally-friendly. At the same time, it is easy to install, clean, and maintain.

What are advantages of strainer basket

Also, Brother Filtration offers different top types for different inlet and outlet places. Standard type and slanted type are both available. The standard top type is suitable for the design with a high inlet and a low outlet.

The slanted type is suitable for the simplex basket strainers with the inlet and outlet at the same height.

strainer basket

Strainer baskets can be applied to many different applications and industries. It can adjust material, configuration, top type, and structures to fit with different types of basket strainers that are suitable for respective applications, such as natural gas pipelines, water pipelines, and protecting flowmeters.

Brother Filtration also offers customization services for all strainer baskets. We aim to help customers find the most suitable strainer basket and basket strainers for their plants and production lines.

What are the differences between a strainer basket and a filter bag support basket?

differences between strainer basket and filter bag support basket

The strainer basket and filter bag support basket look like twins. But their functions of them are totally different. According to their names, you can easily find out that the filter bag support basket is used to support the filter bag in the filter housing. The filter bag is the key to filtration.

Contrary to the filter bag support basket, the strainer basket plays the role of filter bag infiltration. So the filter rating of the strainer basket is from 5~200μm when the filter bag support basket has a wider range of filter ratings.


The strainer basket is the filter element for the basket strainer, which is suitable for removing rocks, sand, dirt, pipe scale, gravels, and other solids from industrial liquids, gases, steam, and water.


While the filter bag is mainly used to remove trace fine impurities from liquids and is widely used in fine chemicals, food & beverage, automotive, pulp & paper, and machining industries.


To remove sand, rocks leaves and other large impurities, the basket strainer can be a good choice. And the crucial part of the basket strainer is its filter element — strainer basket.

For customers, it is essential to select an appropriate strainer basket for their existing or new filtration system. All factors need to be taken into consideration.

Brother Filtration will absolutely help our clients to choose the best strainer basket. We offer various customization options as well.

With years of filtration experience, Brother Filtration can manufacture high-quality filter products and provide better services. If you have trouble choosing basket strainers or strainer baskets, please feel free to contact us directly!

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