duplex bag filter


A duplex bag filter is a type of filter that comprises two single bag filters with ball and butterfly valves connecting their inlets and outputs. By allowing one bag filter to continue operating while the other is undergoing repair, this unique design lowers overall operating expenses.

Two single-bag filters are joined by valves to form a duplex bag filter. Typically, one bag filter is used for filtering while the other serves as a backup during the process. The inlet is located higher than the filter bags.

Filter media enters the working filter bag from the inlet. The clean filtrate runs out of the outlet along the fixed metal basket wall after filtration, while the pollutants are captured in the filter bag.

You can close the filter on the side where the filter bag needs to be changed and activate the backup filter while changing the filter bag. This guarantees the system’s continual filtration and minimizes expensive downtime.

It is also convenient and simple to change the dirty filter bags inside. Drain the filter bag that needs to be replaced after cutting off the water supply. Take off the filter cover, then remove the used bag.

The filter basket should be examined and cleaned as necessary. Reinstall the fresh bag and cleaned the basket in the filter. To prevent it from drying out, inspect the O-ring at the top of the housing and apply food-grade oil.

Reinstall the filter and give it access to the system after making sure the grease’s chemical composition is compatible with the O-ring.

Adopting a filtration system like a duplex filter bag, can significantly reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of your production. Because you always have another bag filter to work.


High-quality products are always made of high-quality raw materials. Brother Filtration adopts qualified steel to make the filter housing and support basket, which can be more durable and offer better filtration performance.

  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Optional material for basket and bag filter housing
  • Better sealing performance with the usage of food-grade oil on O-ring
  • Assure productivity and efficiency with less downtime

The high-efficient duplex bag filter can be customized in many parts. It can be the most suitable bag filter for you. Not only reducing the downtime but also improving efficiency.

  • Allow continuous operation and reduce downtime.
  • Filter rating: 0.5–800 μm
  • Easy to install and replace filter bags, easy to operate
  • An adjustable bracket is provided, as a result, the height of the filter is adjustable.
  • Special materials and sizes are available upon request.


Housing material Carbon steel, SS304, SS316
Support basket material stainless steel woven wire mesh, stainless steel perforated metal mesh
Bag type Stainless steel, PE, PP, nylon or PTFE filter bags
Capacity 50 GPM – 200 GPM per bag
Gasket EPDM, NBR, Viton, PEFE, silica gel, etc.
Surface treatment Mirror polishing
Housing weight 240 lb. (109 kg)

Operating conditions

Filter rating 0.5μm~800μm
Operating pressure 0~150Mpa(10 bar)
Numbers of bag two bags
Operating temperature 0~250℉(120℃)
Capacity 50gpm~200gpm
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