Dye based ink filtration


Dye based ink filtration

In printing industries, ink cleanliness is important for your print header, if not, it will be clogged by contaminants, particles and gels. So to keep jet ink clean which will be variant from aqueous to dye will be very important task for ink manufacturers.

To make ink clean, actually there should be selective classification based on different particles remained to be removed, likely large particles, gel, binder or other contaminants, and also there are some desired size pigments to be penetrated and remained in solution. So the cartridge filters should be rightly selectived based on different contaminants.

Dye based inks are dissolved in the solution, so the objective of filtration is to remove gelatinous residus.

Insoluble dyes and othere contaminants. Under this occasion, we recommend BROMEN-PP™ 0.5um, with following step by polishing cartridge filter bromen-pes™ cartridge filter

DeltaMax Membrane PES Pleated Cartridge Filter

DeltaMax Membrane PES Pleated Cartridge Filter

Kind notice, please tell our engineer sales your ink liquid to check well the chemical compatibility in order to choose cartridge filter, for exemple, for solvent inks, Bromen-GF™ might be the appropriate selection.


DeltaMax GF Membrane Filter

Firstly need to classify correctly particle size in order to have a good retention of over-sized agglomerates and some deformable gelatinous pollutants.

Deformable or gelatinous retain pollutants.

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