Brother Filtration provides you with pre-sale and after-sale services, which make it carefree for your purchasing. From production to package, Brother Filtration cares about every details to offer you the best quality products. Our passionate staffs and professional R&D teams all dedicate to give our clients perfect purchasing experience, try our best to solve all problems. We insist on the principle of high quality and perfection, always help to improve the efficiency and productivity for our clients. Whenever you have a problem, feel free to come to us, and we will solve it as fast as we can.


1. Q: Could we become Brother Filtration exclusive brand agent in our country?

We are very interested in cooperating with our valuable clients to develop a local market and build a win-win business. For more details, welcome to send your requirements to our [email protected]

2: Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM for filtration products?

Yes, OEM/ODM is available. Send your detailed requirements to us, we are here to offer professional proposals for your choice and help design appropriate filters.

3: Q: What is the relationship between Keya Water and Brother Filtration?

Keya Water is a one-stop supplier and a sister company of Brother Filtration, which has served the water treatment market for more than 6 years and exports goods to more than 68 countries.


1. Q: What’s the service life of the filter cartridge?

The service time of the cartridge filter depends on the water quality, suitable filter material selection will be provided accord to the water quality.

2: Q: How about the guarantee time of filter housing?

Warranty period: one year, compared with similar products, our filter housings’ stability is the highest. Also, contact us at [email protected], our professional engineer team will supply you with the best support.

3: Q: Could you give us lowest price for filters?

Brother Filtration offers higher quality filtration products at a reasonable price! No low-quality filters at very low prices are allowed. You can check our samples first, appropriateness is the most important.

4: Q: How do we get best shipment scheme of filtration product?

After we get the goods list, total volume and compared freight will be calculated with the different forward companies for the best scheme. For more details, welcome to send your requirements to our [email protected].

5: Q: How do we get your filter catalog and price list?

Our professional engineer team is ready to help you solve the problem once they received the message, and they would reply within 24 hours.

6: Q: What terms of payment is available for you?

Clients from Brother Filtration mostly paid via T/T, if you share good credit, Paypal, L/C, DP, etc. also acceptable.

7: Q: How long is the shipment time?

Our delivery time is usually 10 working days. The time required for shipping varies due to regional differences. For example, it takes 10-15 working days in Southeast Asia and 20-25 working days in the Middle East.

8: Q: What can Brother Filtration offer before-sale?

We will help you find the best filtration products for your project. You can contact our staff via email or online, we will formulate a perfect filtration for you based on your real needs.

9: Q: What’s the after-sale service?

When you receive the product, we will provide a video guide to help you install it. We can perform a lab examination of the product after you use it in order to produce a more effective and targeted product. In addition to this, we offer a guarantee if the product is not damaged by any external forces.

10: Q: Will my goods be damaged during the shipping process?

Before shipment, we will double-check everything. We will try our best to keep the products in perfect conditions.


1. Q: How long is the production time?

Our company has a total of 4000 square meters of filter element production workshop, and we can produce more than 100,000 pcs high flow filter elements per year; some products we have in storage. It mainly depends on the product type and the quantity you prefer.

2: Q: How can Brother Filtration ensure the quality of products?

Brother Filtration has sent our products to authoritative organizations to do tests, and you can check all the certificates on our product quality page.

3: Q: What if I can't find the right product in need size?

Brother Filtration can provide you with customization service for some products. If you have any problem about sizes of product, you can contact us [email protected]m.

4: Q: Is one-stop shopping in Brother Filtration possible?

Brother Filtration dedicates to provide one-stop shopping experience, to simplify customers’ purchasing process. We have a wide variety of products covering a wide range of fields, so we believe you can find what you need.

Technical Support

1. Q: How do we get the suitable filtration scheme?

For an accurate offer, some details need to be confirmed: 1. Industry;  2. material;  3. micron rating. Then we can give you a professional filtration proposal.

2: Q: What Brother Filtration has done to improve our R&D technology?

We have cooperated with University of Zhejiang Technology to do R&D for filtration. That’s why our products are so competitive.

3: Q: Can we get in touch with technicians directly?

Yes, of course. Brother Filtration is willing to help our customers solve specific technical problems. To improve the communication efficiency, we would let our technicians answer the questions directly.

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