Automative Self-cleaning Filter

Automative self-cleaning filters, as opposed to conventional filters, enable automatic online filtering and filter element replacement without downtime. When the pressure decrease or the amount of time exceeds the predetermined threshold, the cleaning operations will be initiated automatically. As a result, it cuts down on expensive downtime and is appropriate for systems where shutdown is not an option while changing a filter element.

For conventional filters, it is essential to have regular maintenance for the filters. We have to shut down the whole system, clean the filter and change the filter element, which takes time and needs labour. However, with the help of automative self-cleaning filters, we can continuously filter liquids during cleaning and maintenance.

By using the automative self-cleaning filters, we can significantly reduce downtime and improve efficiency, accordingly saving the cost. Brother Filtration has different types of automative self-cleaning filters for low-viscosity and high-viscosity liquids. Additionally, the automative self-cleaning filters have a broad range of filter rating, you can simply adjust the filter rating by utilizing a different mesh. If you are looking for a filter that is suitable for your automatic system, you need to try the automative self-cleaning filters.

Continuous filtration

Continuous filtration

Broad filter rating

Broad filter rating

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Automative Self-cleaning Filter

Many applications and plants operate continuously, they are needful for automative self-cleaning filters, which can continuously filter for 24h. Automative self-cleaning filters can clean themselves automatically while filtering liquids.


Automatic backwash filter
Automatic backwash filter can filter out impurities for various water and low-viscosity liquids, and protect the downstream pipelines.

Protect downstream equipment


Inner scraper self-cleaning filter
Inner scraper self-cleaning filter is designed for medium and highly viscosity liquids to remove contaminants on inner surface of filter screen.

Automatically discharge


Outer scraper self-cleaning filter
Outer scraper self-cleaning filter is suitable for high-viscosity liquids to remove contaminants on the outer surface of the filter screen

For high-viscosity liquids


Pneumatic disc filter
Pneumatic disc filter is designed to remove impurities on the inner surface of filter screen through vertical movement.
Using suction effect

What makes Brother Filtration so reliable?

We can provide you with not only high-quality automative self-cleaning filters but also professional technical support, fast shipping time, and complete after-sales service. Our goal is to make the whole process worry-free for our customers.

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Features of a Automative Self-cleaning Filter

Compared with conventional filters, automative self-cleaning filters can handle continuous filtration, are especially suitable for industries that have such requests. Also, it can largely reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

  • Fully automatic operation, 24-hour continuous on-line filtration
  • Automatically discharge waste liquids
  • Closed filtration to prevent the leakage of hazardous materials and ensure the work safety and employee health;
  • A variety of control systems are available to offer powerful and efficient operation
  • Pre-assembled and tested for easy installation
  • Reasonable design, easy to install
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Broad range of filter rating
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About our filtration technology

The liquid industry is never where we stop. Additionally, we are seeking for solutions for oil and air.

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5 reasons why you can not miss out automative self-cleaning filters

Compared with conventional filters, automative self-cleaning filters have incomparable advantages.

The self-cleaning function: Automative self-cleaning filters can clean themselves during filtration. Users don’t need to shut down all equipment, and maintain the filters.

Compact design: the compact and reasonable design of automative filters enable them to be easily installed in existing processing line and work efficiently without breakdown.

Filter control system: The highly automation of automative self-cleaning filters can simplify your procedure. It only needs to preset a time or differential pressure, and the filters can regularly clean themselves based on the set.

Effective filtration: Different types of automative self-cleaning filters are designed for different requests. Whether high-viscosity liquids or low-viscosity liquids, you can find the suitable one. Also, the filter rating can be adjusted according to the mesh size.

Continuous filtration: The basic and the most important function of automative self-cleaning filters is to filter 24 hours without interruption.

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