Filtration of sea water desalination

Application of sea water desalination

We could find many sea water desalination methods, but for  large- scale desalination,only multiple effect evaporator (MED), reverse osmosis (RO) and multi-stage flash (MSF) are suitable,among them RO is widely used. The main application areas of RO is seawater and brackish water desalination,and it is becoming more and more popular as a saving energy and high desalination rate method.

reverse osmosis has a widly application:

1)Industrial Water Treatment

2)Water purification


4)Chemical and food processing

5)Industrial liquid concentrate

Filtration of sea water desalinationProcess of sea water desalination

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Below is a brief introduction of sea water desalination

First step:Ocean water pretreatment

The sea water passed through varieties of filter cartridges ,solids are removed and PH level is adjusted.

The second step:Debrine&Reverse Osmosis

The debrine is done by RO,after this process,50%water is output;at the same time,water passes through RO membrane to remove tinniest particles and contaminates.

The third step:stabilization

During this step,PH level is adjusted and 50% water output,then we get purified water.

Filtration of sea water desalination

Today we will have a good knowledge of filtration during sea water desalination .We will simplify it into three main filtration steps .

Process of sea water desalinationFirst :Protection Filtration Before RO system

Before the RO,according to the size of filter cartridge ,there are also three types of filtration.

micron filtration(to filter germs between0.1~1um)

Then Ultra filtration(to filter Protein、virus between0.01~0.1um)

Next Nano filtration(to filter salt between0.001~0.01um)

Here the filter cartridges we mainly used are:

Polypropylene Melt Blown cartridge filter(with years of experience,we brother filtration are able to custom you special PP melt blown filters with varied specifications.)

Polypropylene String Wound cartridge filter

High Flow Cartridge Filter(high flow cartridges filters is the best seller of our brother filtration,the most popular one is Max A high flow cartridge filter,large water flow capacity and large filter outer diameter.)

More question about the filter cartridges during this process,please contact us.

Second Stage Filtration After RO system

After RO system , the main job is to remove tinniest particles and contaminates,here we need security filter cartridges

Polypropylene Pleated Cartridge Filter

High Flow Cartridge Filter

Do remember that we brother filtration not only offer kinds of filter cartridges,but also supply filter housings,even a full set of RO system equipment.

The Final Filtration

At the final filtration, we need to do further precise filtration to make the water drinkable,here the main filter cartridges we used are

Polypropylene Pleated Filter

Polyethersulfone Membrane Pleated Filter

We brother filtration is full of experience in sea water desalination plant,and we could offer one-stop sea water desalination equipment to our customers,including filter cartridges and filter housings,RO systems,FRP tanks etc. For the full project of sea water desalination,we could also offer service of research& design,installation and maintain.

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