Food sanitation and safety is always a topic that is closely focused on. Due to the special nature of food & beverage, they are extremely susceptible to bacteria and spoilage during the production process or storage. For these products to be consumed by us every day, it is important to ensure safety and hygiene, which is relevant to our health.

In the manufacturing process of food and beverages, it is important to use the right filtration system with it. Different levels of filtration can remove impurities and bacteria from liquids and also avoid fermentation and mold problems in beverages.

The purpose of filtration is not only to maintain hygiene and remove bacteria but also to further enhance the taste of the drink. The use of filtration systems, especially in the wine, brewery, and drinking water industries, promotes the taste and flavor of products. The wine or beer with the contaminants removed is also more pleasing to the eye in the glass.

Brother Filtration has the ability to define and solve the problem in the Food & Beverage industry by designing and providing all kinds of depth filter cartridges, depth pleated filter cartridges, and membrane pleated filter cartridges, which meet the sanitary standard.

To know more about our filtration solutions for Food & Beverage industry and the applications in this industry, you can read the detailed introduction for bottled water, winery, brewery and soft drinks.

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