FRP High Flow Cartridge Housing is designed for cartridge filters used in the RO water treatment system. Featured by easy installation and low maintenance cost, it has become the most popular design in the reverse osmosis system at home and abroad. High flow FRP filter housings are widely used in the applications of water pretreatment in the membrane treatment system, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, beverage, brackish water, seawater desalination and separation of landfill leachate.


MAX FLOW FRP Filter Housing

Max-Flow FRP Filter Housing in Brother Filtration is an innovative and new trend product for the pre-filtration process. The new filtration solution with a high flow cartridge filter save your labor, space and equipment cost, more than you think.

Why Brother Max Flow FRP Filter Housing?
  • Large water capacity in FRP filtration system
  • Smaller installation space
  • Lower labor cost
  • 50% lower equipment than stainless steel
  • Easy and quick disassemble
How to install Max Flow FRP Filter Housing?
  • 1-Installing the end cap (Inlet side)
  • 2-Installing the locking kid segments
  • 3-Installing the cartridge filter (Handle side front)
  • 4-Installing the end caps (Handle Side)
  • 5-Installing the locking kid segments
  • 6-Connect the system piping to inlet side end cap

Model Connection Max Pressure Filter Length
MF-80-150S-20 Side Port 150 Psi 20’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-40 Side Port 150 Psi 40’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-60 Side Port 150 Psi 60’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-20 End Port 150 Psi 20’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-40 End Port 150 Psi 40’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-60 End Port 150 Psi 60’’ (Other Length Available)

Installation Model: (Side Port):

Spare Parts:

high flow FRP housing accessories


Design Cases

Max-Flow FRP Filter Housing is a innovative and new trend products for pre filtration process.This is a new filtration solution saving your labor,space and equipment cost,more than you think.

100m³/hr flow rate

Side-in-end-out flow direction for easier change-out. Modular design enables customer to increaseor decrease the flow rate capacity flexibly.

100m³/hr flow rate

End-in-end-out flow direction for great cost-efficiency. Only approx. 2m² area occupied, largely saving operation footprint than conventional stainless steel housing system.

71 / 100