FRP skid


Since many industries need to remove impurities and pollutants from liquids during the production process, filtration systems are a crucial component of many industries. A filtration system is, in general, a full set of filtration apparatus that consists of numerous filters combined.

FRP High Flow Cartridge Housing is designed for high flow filtration and large water capacity, when combined with these FRP housings together, they are composed of FRP Skid. The FRP Skid can enlarge all advantages and benefits of a single FRP high-flow housing.

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, deeply understands the importance of space and efficiency for a filtration system. FRP Skid is a new trend product to replace SUS material equipment with the advantage of smart design, smaller footprints place, and faster and easier operation.

Brother Filtration FRP Skid with its large flow capacity, significantly lowers the equipment investment cost, and its standard design can be used in industrial water treatment and critical applications. FRP material is a wonderful option, especially for high salty water applications, such as seawater desalination, brine water filtration, acid chemical filtration, etc.

We mainly offer two different directions for our FRP Skid. The first one is a side-in-end-out flow direction design with easier change-out. Modular design enables customers to increase or decrease the flow rate capacity flexibly. Another one is end-in-end-out flow direction design with great cost-efficiency. Only approx. 2m²area occupied, which can remarkably save operation footprint than conventional stainless steel housing system. Both direction designs can provide a flow rate of 100m³/hr flow rate.

The FRP Cartridge Filter System is perfectly suitable for medium and large liquid filtration projects. Brother Filtration FRP Skid can be widely used in applications such as pretreatment, RO prefiltration, seawater desalination, condensate water filtration, hot water recovery in power generation, API, solvents, water filtration in the Biopharma market, bottled water filtration, petrochemicals, and refineries.


As a new trend and innovative filtration system, FRP Skid can fulfill the needs of high efficiency and less footprint. Customers can reduce labour costs and get an easy installation process. This is a perfect solution for high capacity demand.

  • The side port and end port are available
  • Less operating and maintenance cost
  • Lower initial investment cost
  • Smart design for nice looking
  • Reduction of downtime and labour costs

With all advantages of FRP high flow housing, FRP Skid doubles the benefit. When an FRP Skid was applied, you can easily find out that filtration would be more efficient and whole process would be optimized.

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Large water capacity ability with a smaller footprint
  • Faster and easier operation and change of filter element
  • High efficiency
  • Designed for large or medium liquid filtration projects

Skid design

Skid design

Order Information

MFS -A -40 -02 -S -10 -U -04
Model Series Cartridge Length Number of FRP Cartridge Connection Design Pressure Pipe Material Frame Material
Max Flow
FRP Housing
A=Max-A Series High Flow T=Max-T Series High Flow 20=inch (508mm) 40=inch (1016mm) 60=inch (1524mm) 02=2 PCS
03=3 PCS
04=4 PCS or more
S=Side Port 10=10bar U=UPVC
04=SUS 304
06=SUS 316
04=SUS 304
06=SUS 316
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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