Max A:To Replace Pall High Flow Water Filter

Brother Filtration is a Pleated filter cartridge Manufacturing specialist, We have many high flow filter series, Pall Ultipleat, Parker Megaflow, 3M CUNO, Pentair Aqualine and other OEM service. Max A high flow filter cartridge is mainly to replace the ones from Pall Ultipleat type filter cartridge, with its large outer diameter, 100% polypropylene media (hard outer cage, strength inner core, end caps). 100% welding technology protects your Physical integrity. We will provide you cost competitive and High quality high flow filters, lower your operation and maintenance cost.

Max K : To Replace Parker Water Filter Cartridges

Brother Filtration has over 50 high flow filter end cap connections, wide choice for you to replace cartridges from original Pall, 3M, Parker and Pentair and other special larger size products. Max K series high flow filter is mainly to replace cartridges from Parker Megaflow, inside Oring structure has a good sealing, and larger diameter for high flow rate.

Max T : To Replace Pentair Filter Cartridges

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of high flow filter cartridges, we have over 50 series end cap connections for your high flow choice, and one stop shop for pleated filer cartridge, both OEM and ODM service are available.

Max T series high flow filter is mainly to replace cartridges from Pentair Aqualine filter element, for FRP filtration systems. Much cost effective and high quality goods, saving your much money on operation and maintenance.

Ultro H : To Replace CUNO Water Filter Cartridges

Ultro H Series High Flow Filters include two pleat types, radial pleat and vertical pleat. It is mainly to replace cartridges from 3M CUNO 740B and 7000 series. Hard cage outside and netting series for your choice.

Radial pleat technology makes much more pleats in limited space, it increases more filtration area, and has a big capacity on dirt holding,it has longer service life than standard 6’’ vertical high flow filter.

Bag Pleated Filter

Brother Filtration supplies high quality pleated filter bags for your filtration process, it is especially to replace filters from Pall Marksman, we have two types for your wide choice, size #2 and size #1.

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