Max Iron High Flow Filter Cartridge


Max Iron High Flow Filter Cartridge is especially designed for strict application, such as filtration process under high temperature and high pressure conditions in chemical industry and oil field.

Max IRON high flow filters is made of polypropylene or Microglass fiber with polyester support and plated steel outer cage. The 6 inch large diameter ensures large flow rate, big effective surface filtration area and high dirt holding capacity in one filter element.

Max IRON high flow liquid filters’ advanced design helps reduce the overall cost of filtration and the frequency of change-outs to lower labor time and production downtime.


Features of Max Iron High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Fewer element in need
  2. Lower maintenance costs
  3. Quick installation and change-out
  4. Smaller housing place
  5. Metal cage against high pressure and temperature
  6. High performance depth media for dirt holding
  7. 18 times flow rate than standard 2.5’’ filter
  8. 30% total cost down
  9. High filtration efficiency


Applications of Max Iron High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Natural gas
  2. Oil production
  3. Chemical industrial
  4. High-dirt oil process application

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