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You can find how we help our client choose the most appreciate high flow cartridge filter based their project


  1. Project background

Betayapi Aksaray İçme Suyu Arıtma Tesisi

Water capacity: 1440m3/h

3 off UF Guard filter washable 100 micron

3 off RO Guard filter 5 micron

Competitor: Tanvi Filter, HL Filter, Hongtek, Pall

Lowest price: 47USD/PC


How to choose a good quality high flow cartridge filter for your project?



  1. 20210406-1-3Best official offer

Best price: 45USD/PC excluding sea freight to nearest sea port Mersin

Packing images and certificates shared


  1. 20210406-1-5Max-A data sheet 

(3rd generation one of the most mature and featured product in Brother Filtration)


  1. Brother Filtration have focused onHigh Flow cartridge research and production10 years now. We have rich project experience and we know how to cooperate with big projects as yours


Attached you can kindly find one of the case reference for the Oman desalination plant 192MLD. Brother also do the custom filter design on the Max-A high flow filter for this plant Since 2018, we have cooperated with them on this product over 3 years now . Every year we helped them reduce yearly maintenance costs like 57%


  1. In regards to this project, we do not offer one time products 

but long term technical support, custom filter design and after sales service considering your different project stages

Cause we’re direct filter manufacturer w/ rich project experience very flexible on filter design, production and delivery


Here you can clike the link and see the vedio for the high flow cartridge production Production Showing of high flow cartridge filter from Brother Filtration


1) Commission stage

According our experience, normally the feed water quality would not be stable

Normally our clients have to choose and try proper chemicals and filter media for pretreatment.


Considering this situation, usually they will choose large size micron filter

Like 100-micron cartridge filter for UF pretreatment.

Brother can manufacture the special UF guard filter with custom designed membrane structure which enables our client to do wash and help to reduce maintenance cost at least 50%


Here we have one case and we designed for Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation)  the washable filters applied as protection purpose before UF. The customer at first used the normal high flow filter 50pcs per month and yearly 600pcs in 2019.


Last year we updated the washable filter to them and they wash the filter again and again and finally total service life lasts 5 month and they only use 50pcs per 6 month thus 100pcs in 2020.

20210406-1-6If the economical low quality filter is adopted, will risk shorter service life of the UF membrane, RO guard filter as well as increase the RO membrane cleaning cost etc


The washable UF guard 100 micron filter would still need the inner core 

Cause our client will need to wash both inside and outside of the filter element under certain pressure (Filtration area 5.5m2)


For RO guard 5 micron filter, we suggest we prduce without inner core

This can help increase the filteration area and extend service life

Filtration area for the RO guard filter with inner core: 5.5m2

Filtration area for the RO guard filter without inner core: 5.8-6.0m2


Our client at first prefer the netting high flow filter, but according our experience for such netting high flow cartridge filter, the washing times may not exceed 4 times cause the netting would not strong enough to hold the after-filtered inner membrane and can not withstand many times washing


But the rigid cage we made is outstanding and the material is high strength and high density PP which can use for many times washing

20210406-1-72) Maintenance stage

After a period of modification on the chemicals and filter media, the feed water quality would become stable. Our client will send us the feed water quality report like particle allocation, SDI analyses and other data like NTU etc,

Sometimes they send us the used filter sample.  We will do analyses in our Lab and will see if need to adjust the filter design and produce new cartridge filter for our clients.

Here is the high flow filter we designed for the RO guard filter

Graded membrane structure before filtration and after filtration (没有发客户,补充)



Before filtration


After  filtration



3) Turn over stage

After 2-3 years, probably our client would have to turn over the water plant to the owner or end user. At this stage, we also can help them on the technical support if they have such request


  1. Cartridge size confirmation (Peter确认)

Brother have replaced many times same type cartridge like from Pall, Amazon, Parker etc. and so far no complain on the cartridge dimension

Oring OD= 160.5 mm

Body OD=151 mm (以此为准)

Closed end cap OD=152mm

Overall length=1038mm (以此为准)



20210406-1-11Amazon丝网款,BODY OD 只有150MM, 端盖OD不含密封圈158.5MM, 含密封圈160.5MM



  1. Paymentterm confirmation

For our new client, we support T/T 50% in advance and 50% against bill of landing draft and product images and cartridge size measurement before shipment





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