Filtration is connected with every industry and application tightly, and filter cartridges has been widely used. It is believed that many people would like to use their filter cartridge as long as possible.

As a filter cartridge producer, we dedicate to improve the service life of filter cartridges, which can reduce customers’ maintenance costs and be more environmentally-friendly.

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But what exactly do we have to do to extend the life of the cartridge? Here, we explain the factors which influence the filter cartridge and offer affective ways to make the service life of the filter cartridge longer.

The relative factors of cartridge’s service life

There are mainly several factors that impact on lifespan of filter cartridges.

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Dirt holding capacity

Filter life is directly related to a filter’s dirt-holding capacity. It can be defined as the total volume of fluid that passes through a filter before reaching the maximum operating differential pressure. Under a constant flow rate, the life of most absolute-rated filters is significantly increased when their effective surface areas are increased.

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Flow density and differential pressure

This property of filter life is a direct result of the relationship between flow density (gallons per minute per square foot) and the resulting differential pressure across the filter area. Under ideal conditions, the maximum increase in filter life is equal to the square of the increase in effective surface area.

Water quality

For the duration of filter cartridges’ lives, the water quality in various locations and from various water sources varies.

If the water quality in your area is really bad, you might need to replace the water filter cartridges more regularly to maintain the standard quality of water. In certain regions, the water quality is very good, so the filter cartridge replacement time will be relatively extended.

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Frequency of use

Regardless of the type of filter cartridge you use, how frequently you use it is one of the most crucial factors in determining how often you need to replace the filter cartridge. Be advised that each filter cartridge has a maximum filtering capacity. A filter cartridge needs to be replaced when it reaches the saturation point.

Type of Filter Cartridge

Various different types of filter cartridges are offered in the market, they all have their own strong point and various lifespans. When making a filter cartridge, there are plenty of different materials can be chosen. For example, the string wound cartridge can be made of PP, cotton, or glass fiber. According to the characteristics of different materials, vary the service life.

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Quality of filter cartridge

Replacement cycles for high-quality filters are typically far longer than those for low-quality goods. The quality of the purified water cannot be guaranteed if a cheap material is used. Such a water filter cartridge will have a considerably shorter lifespan and be more susceptible to contamination.

Two solutions to extend filter cartridge lifespan

According to the factors we mentioned above, we have 2 solutions help to extend service life under the same conditions of other status

Increasing filtration area

Obviously, the filtration area of the high flow cartridge filter is more than the depth cartridge filter, thus the dirt holding capacity is more than the depth cartridge filter. Below is method to calculate the filtration membrane area between the depth filter cartridge and high flow cartridge filter.

  • The filtration area of depth cartridge filter =  length *  diameter
  • The filtration area of membrane = number of pleats* 2 * pleat height * length


For example,

A. 1pc of melt blown cartridge filter, OD 2.5″, 40Inch

Filtration area=  (40inch*25.4)* (2.5″* 25.4)=  1016 *  63.5 =  2.58㎡

B. MAX-A high flow cartridge filter, OD6″. L: 40inch

Filtratn area =  (40inch*25.4)* (6*25.4)= 1016* 152.4= 15.48㎡

Decompose the flow rate capacity

Decompose the flow rate capacity

Sometimes, it is wise to compose the flow rate capacity to extend filter cartridge service life, while no influence on filtration performance.

Recommended filter cartridge with longer service life

Based on the principle mentioned above, Brother Filtration designs and manufactures several longer-life filter cartridges.

High-flow filter cartridges

High flow filter cartridges

High flow filter cartridges have large dirt-holding capacity and high filtration efficiency.

Stainless steel filter housing and plastic filter housing

To have a better and perfect filtration performance, and prolong the filter cartridge lifetime, using an appropriate and rigid filter housing is effective. Stainless steel filter housing and plastic filter housing can help you to protect the filter cartridge and improve filtration effect.

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Filter cartridges are the most common filter element and widely used by many industries. To reduce the maintenance costs and bring the most usage of the filter cartridges, manufacturers try best to extend filter cartridges service life.

Based on its filtration principle, there are two effective solutions to prolong the lifespan for filter cartridge.

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, has years of experiences in this field. We designs and manufactures all kinds of high-quality filter cartridges and filter housings. If you want to know more about filter cartridges, or any problem about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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