Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter

Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter


Hydrophilic PES Membrane Cartridges for aqueous applications cartridges are optimized for use in microelectronics applications such as DI water andaqueous-based chemicals. The unique mirrored-anisotropic PES (Polyethersulfone) membrane has exceptionally high flow rates and on-stream lifetime while providing consistent removal of both organic and inorganic particulates.


The combination of hydrophilic PES membrane and a high-purity, all-polypropylene support structure results in a very low level of ionic and organic extractables, broad chemical compatibility, and resistance to particle shedding.


Every cartridge is fabricated in a clean room environment, pre-flushed with 18 megohm-cm ultrapure DI water, and 100% integrity tested in an ISO-certified facility.


Features and advantages of Hydrophilic PES Pleated Filter Cartridge

  1. High-retention hydrophilic membrane
  2. High flow rate
  3. Broad chemical compatibility for multiple applications
  4. Long on-stream life
  5. 100% integrity tested


Applications of Hydrophilic PES Pleated Filter Cartridge

  1. BOE
  2. Dilute HF
  3. POU DI rinse
  4. Bulk DI water systems
  5. Copper plating
  6. Ni plating
  7. Hard disk wash processes
  8. Other dilute acids and bases

More Description

PES Pleated Filter Cartridge data sheet