Filter Bags

Filter Bags

Filter bags can be the ideal solution for your industrial filtration application needs. They are designed to remove contaminants and debris from liquids and the dirt is caught inside the bag. Other filter technologies collect the solids on the outside of the device giving them the potential to dislodge into the filter upon removal. Filter bags keep the clean side of the filter that way, The filter bags remove the amount and size of contaminants depends on their specific micron rating.

Brother Filtration manufacture many types of bag filter like Normal filter bag, Absolute filter bag,  Oil filter bag and Monofilament nylon filter bag to suit individual needs. Highly controlled manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality and no contamination.

Brother liquid filter bags are made of Polypropylene, Nylon Mesh and Polyester, the size can be #1, #2, #4. Liquid filter bags are widely used in industrial water treatment projects, the micron is from 1um to 500um.

Bag filters often have the lowest equipment investment costs, and can usually withstand a wide range of process conditions, making them ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Careful consideration when choosing a liquid filtration system will provide many potential benefits. A wise filter selection can minimize process downtime, reduce or eliminate waste disposal costs, limit workers’ exposure to the process liquid, reduce maintenance time and costs, and improve product quality.

Our liquid bag filter housings are used in the oil & gas Industry

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Biofuels
  • Power generation
  • Oil bypass
  • Environmental remediation
  • Water tower cooling
  • Recycling Fracturing Water

Unlike many manufacturers, Brother Filtration publishes the filtration efficiency and dirt capacity of our media, providing all the information needed to accurately determine the size of the filter, from oil filters to other types of liquid filters.


The Importance of Micron Levels in Filter Bags

Micron is a unit of measurement equal to one millionth of a meter. It is used to measure individual particles of pollutants. The micron level indicates the amount and size of contaminants that the filter can remove. The filter bags are rated at 1 to 200 microns.

The smaller the number of microns, the finer the level of filtration that can be achieved. However, the micron level is not the only determinant of filter performance, to fully understand the performance of the filter, you also need to understand the removal efficiency.

industrial filter bags

The filter level of the filter bag

Brother Filtration offers many levels of filtration to meet application criteria. We offer low-cost, standard efficiency filter bags and high-efficiency, high-capacity elements.

We provide innovative industrial filter bags for all your applications needs. To learn more about our products, please click here to view our application and size chart to determine your exact needs. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately to ask an engineer.

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