Filter Bags

For a variety of filtration applications, filter bags are an affordable option. You can decrease process downtime, lower or eliminate waste disposal expenses, limit worker exposure to the process liquid, cut maintenance time and costs, and enhance product quality when partnered with the appropriate filter bag housing.

Here, in Brother Filtration, we produce a wide range of filter bags for filtration in different sizes and applications. Our filter bags have higher filtration capacity and longer service life. Based on the fact that the filter bags are all in need of replacement, the frequency of our filter bag replacement will be reduced by these advantages. This is somehow more environmentally friendly.

Filter bags have always been the lowest initial installation cost filtration consumables and have a very wide range of applications. We select the best and most suitable material and offer you several different products, mainly nylon filter bags, polyester filter bags, polypropylene filter bags, Absolute filter bags, NOMEX, and PTFE filter bags.

Easy and quick replacement

Easy and quick replacement

Longer service life

Longer service life

Higher dirt-holding capacity

Higher dirt-holding capacity

Lower initial costs

Lower initial costs

Filter Bags

The best option for your industrial filtration application needs may be filter bags. They are made to clean liquids of impurities and debris, and the dirt is trapped inside the bag. Other filtering techniques collect the solids on the outside of the equipment, which increases the risk that they will fall inside the filter when it is removed. Filter bags maintain the clean side of the filter in this manner; the quantity and size of impurities they remove are determined by the micron rating of the filter bag in question.

What makes Brother Filtration so reliable

We can provide you with not only high-quality filter bags but also professional technical support, fast shipping time, and complete after-sales service. Our goal is to make the whole process worry-free for our customers.

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Features of a Filter Bags

We are proud that our bag filters meet all the high industry standards for quality. There are many uses for our liquid filter bags, which range from nominally rated to absolute or high efficiency bags. Take advantage of our factory’s self-owned supply and discounts for purchasing large quantities of filter bags.

  • High-efficiency performance
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Carefully designedconstruction for superior performance
  • Lower initial cost compared to others
  • Easier and faster for installation and replacement
  • Ability to cover the needs of multiple industries
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Our technology

The liquid industry is never where we stop. Additionally, we are seeking for solutions for oil and air.

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The distinctive advantages of filter bag

As one of the ideal filtration solutions, the filter bag has unique advantages.

Compared with cartridges, filter bags can be easily replaced and installed, which can greatly reduce workers’ operating time and operational difficulties. In terms of cost, the initial expense of the filter bag will also be lower. Not only that, it also has a larger filtration capacity in a single bag, which also reduces the filtration cost to some extent.

The filter bags have a wider range of size options and can be adapted to the needs of different housings. We can also make the filter bags meet the needs of many industries with special requirements by choosing different materials and different design structures.

For example, the NOMEX and PTFE filter bags produced by Brother Filtration have excellent chemical compatibility and can also remain stable under high-temperature conditions. We are committed to solving your filtration challenges, and you are sure to find what you need in our wide range of filter bags.

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Our Liquid Capabilities

Brother Filtration has provided quality liquid filtration products to process industries around the world. From pre-filtration to final – and from low capacity to high – when you think purity, think Brother Filtration.

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Filter Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following are common frequently asked questions (FAQ) about filter bag, along with their brief answers.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhat are filter bags?

Filter bags are cylindrical bags made from various materials such as fabric, mesh, or felt, designed to capture and retain solid particles while allowing fluid to pass through. They are commonly used in industrial filtration processes to separate solids from liquids or gases.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow do a filter bag work?

A filter bag trap solid particles as liquid or gas passes through them, allowing only the clean medium to flow out. The particles are retained inside the bag, effectively separating them from the desired material.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhat types of materials are filter bags made from?

Filter bags can be made from various materials including polyester, polypropylene, nylon, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), aramid fiber, fiberglass, and other specialty materials. The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of particles being filtered, temperature, chemical compatibility, and desired filtration efficiency.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhat is the difference between nominal and absolute filtration ratings?

Nominal Filtration Rating: This indicates the average size of particles a filter can catch with a certain efficiency level. It’s a range of sizes, typically with a specified efficiency percentage, like 50% to 98%. For instance, a 10-micron nominal filter at 95% efficiency means it captures around 95% of particles larger than 10 microns, but it might also catch smaller particles.

Absolute Filtration Rating: This specifies the maximum size of particles that won’t pass through the filter at a given efficiency. It’s a single size, usually expressed in microns. For example, a 10-micron absolute filter ensures that no particle larger than 10 microns will get through at a certain efficiency level.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhy aren't my bags lasting as long as they used to?

Typically, it’s due to their increased workload. The lifespan of a bag is determined by the quantity of dirt it captures, rather than the hours it’s in use or the volume it processes. Bags dealing with cleaner water might endure for a year, whereas those handling muddy water might only last a few minutes. Even if a fluid looks clear to the naked eye, it could still be teeming with particles too minuscule to be visible.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow do I know when to change bags?

It’s important to keep an eye on both the inlet and differential pressure. As the bag’s active surface area gets clogged, the pressure drop across it increases. When this pressure drop starts to rise quickly, it indicates that the bag is nearing the end of its effectiveness and needs replacing. Although every situation varies, a general guideline is to replace bags when you notice a pressure drop of 8-12 PSI (the difference in pressure between the filter’s inlet and outlet).

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow many times can I clean and reuse a filter bag?

Filter bags are crafted for single-use purposes, vital for preserving the bag’s micron rating. Trying to cleanse and recycle a bag could harm and stretch the material, which could enlarge its pores, enabling contaminants to pass through. Alternatively, shrinkage might happen, resulting in the filter clogging faster and potentially causing the unintended removal of desirable components from the filtered fluid.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow do I install and replace my bags?

Installing and replacing filter bags typically involves shutting down the filtration system, removing the old filter bag, inserting the new filter bag, and ensuring proper sealing to prevent bypass. Follow BROTHER FILTRATION guidelines and safety precautions during installation and replacement procedures.

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