Among the moving elements of various metallurgical equipment, lubricating oils are utilized to provide functions such as lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing, and buffering.

In centralized lubricating systems, hot rolling drive systems, cold rolling support roll lubricating systems, wire and bar mill lubricating systems, etc., they are frequently employed.

Since lubricate oil is valuable, which can reduce the wear and friction of moving parts and cost a lot, many manufacturers want to reuse it in production.

However, no oil can retain its purity forever. The metallurgical production line is not a closed loop, the impurities generated during the process, making the oil no longer suitable for reuse.

The problem caused by the lubricate oil

lubricate oil

Along with the manufacturing of steel, foreign materials brought on by equipment age or corrosion, gear oil sludge, hydraulic oil sludge, and other thermalization-related impurities build up in the hydraulic and lubricating systems.

These impurity particles can shorten equipment’s lifespan and have an impact on both lubricant recycling and equipment wear.

When impurities occur in lubricate oil, the whole product performance would be affected badly. Not only causing inefficiency but also damage to the equipment.

It is contrary to the original goal, which reuses the lubricate oil and reduce the costs. The maintenance costs would be increased if the equipment was influenced by impurities.

The importance of filtration for lubricate oil

You will still have contaminated lubricant even if you adhere to every recommended procedure for managing lubrication. Small metal particles are introduced into the lubricant as parts deteriorate over time.

If this contamination is not controlled, it will accelerate equipment wear and possibly cause early failure. Due to the fact that contamination cannot be totally avoided, an industrial oil filtration system must be used.

Lubricant contamination is to blame for up to 70% of premature equipment failures. In your facility, filtering lubricant and maintaining cleanliness might assist to prevent this.

The solution for lubricate oil filtration

We can reuse the lubricate oil unless we do filtration before reuse. Only by filtration, can we achieve the goal that saving costs and extending equipment service life.

For hydraulic and lubricating system filtration, we usually adopt a depth cartridge filter for filtration, which can effectively remove tiny particles in the system and protect the downstream equipment.


For hydraulic and lubricating systems, filtration is needful. The lubricate oils are ultimately contaminated by tiny metals and other impurities.

If we directly reuse the oil, the equipment would be damaged and the service lifetime would become shorter. A suitable filtration system should be applied to the production line to purify the lubricate oils.

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