The Max Flow system is designed for high flow filtration applications, where non-metal material can be used, for example sea water desalination. With the FRP high flow housing system as pre-filtration to RO process, expensive RO membrane and high pressure feed pumps will be well protected from severe particles impacts.


We strongly suggest FRP housing used in your projects. Imagine what it will bring you?

  • 30%-50% lower equipment cost than stainless steel
  • Larger water capacity in FRP filtration system up to 100m3/h
  • Smaller installation space
  • Easy and quick disassemble


The installation of Max Flow FRP housing is not complicated and much easier compared to traditional stainless steel system. The smart design will bring you minimum down time and less maintenance cost.


Before go to installation, we need to get to know below spare parts and their locations first. Kindly check below picture.

frp/grp high flow filter housing

frp/grp high flow housing filter

OK! Let’s see how to install the housing step by step.

1. Put cartridge filter end cap into inlet end cap, stuck tightly. And insert it into FRP housing.

put cartridge filter into inlet cap

2. Fix the inlet end cap with locking kit placed into the groove.

fix with locking kit

3. Put thrust ring onto the bottom of the cartridge filter on the other side

add thrust ring

4. Insert the handle side end cap and fix it with locking kit placed into the groove.

fix with locking kit

5. Connect to pipes with below presented finished two ends.

finished FRP end caps

See? That’s it. Really easy and simple!

Of course, if you met any installation problems, feel free to get in touch with our technical support via contact us.

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