Liquid Filter Bag


Brother liquid filter bags are made of  Polypropylene, Nylon Mesh and Polyester,the  size can be #1, #2 , #4. Liquid filter bags are widely used in industrial water treatment project, the micron is  from 1um to 500um.

The advanced polypropylene media will assure high filtration efficiency, and the large dirt holding will provide longer service life.

Features of Liquid Filter Bag

  1. Advanced polypropylene media for wide range micron rating
  2. High dirt holding capacity
  3. Max operation temperature to 90 degree
  4. Max pressure drop 2.4 bar/35 psi
  5. Excellent chemical resistance capacity
  6. Initial pressure drop less than 0.1 bar


More Description

Model Filtration AreaVolume DiameterLengthMicron Rating