Max-K High Flow Filter Cartridge


Max K is Parker High Flow water filter cartridge replacement. Parker High Flow water filter cartridges include Megaflow and Fulflo series. Brother Filtration – high flow filter expert producer is able to supply water filters substitutes for both Parker high flow series. Max K high flow water filter cartridges includes two types of end caps: single o-ring end cap and double o-ring end cap for Megaflow old and new models. With optimized hard outer cage, Max K high flow water filters able to deliver better filtration performance under high pressure conditions than original Parker high flow water filter elements with soft outer netting.

The 6 inch large diameter of Max K high flow filter cartridge decides its large flow rate and super cost efficiency in the pre-filtration process of RO membrane filtration. Under same conditions, the flow rate of one Max K high flow cartridge filter is 10 to 15 times higher than standard 2.5 inch diameter cartridge filters. In other words, with this innovative high flow filter element technology, obvious smaller operation space and lower initial cost are required than before. Moreover, if custom service needed for your specific project, we are glad to help to engineer your special Max K high flow filter cartridges solutions


Features of Max-K High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Large water flow capacity in one high flow filter element
  2. Large filter outer diameter for high flow capacity – 6inch (152mm)
  3. Graded filtration pore sizes in one high flow filter cartridge
  4. Multi membrane layers for large dirt holding
  5. O-ring sealing assures filtration integrity
  6. Thermally bonded polypropylene and support media prevent particle leaking out
  7. Larger filtration area for one high flow water filter cartridge

Advantages of Max K High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Large filtration area and smart pleated structure provides lower pressure drop and longer service life
  2. Low initial pressure
  3. 100% polypropylene material for wide chemical compatibility
  4. Large water flow rate requires fewer filter elements
  5. Friendly handle design for easier change out
  6. Less labor needed and lower operation & maintenance cost

Applications of Max K High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Municipal Water
  2. RO Pre-Filtration
  3. Reclaimed Water
  4. Coolants
  5. Boiler Condensate
  6. Electronics Process Water
  7. Pharmaceutical

More Description

Retention Rating 1,3,5,10,20,40um

and others available

Recommended Change

Out Differentical Pressure

Outer Dimension 6’’ (152mm) Maximum Flow Rate 40’’ (1016mm) 75m3/h
Length 40’’ (1016mm) Core/Cage Polypropylene
Max Operating 


80℃ (High Temperature

Requirement is available)

Outside Netting
O-ring EPDM/Silicon/Viton/Buna-N Filter Media Polypropylene Micronfiber

Flow Rate

max-k flow rate

 BHFK -PP -40 -N -0100 -E -D
Model Media Material Length Filtration Efficency Micron Rating O-ring No. of Oring
 Max-K High Flow Filter Cartridge PP=Polypropylene
GF=Glass Fiber
40=40inch N=Nominal        A=Absolute(1-10um) 0100=1um
D=Double Insert Oring
S=Single Insert Oring


1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to filter has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information