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BROTHER membrane filter cartridges, also named membrane cartridges, are made of depth pure raw material and 100% integrity tested Al. Membrane filter cartridges are composed of high-quality polyethersulfone (PES) / Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/ PVDF/ Nylon66 membrane layers with advanced pleated technology. It offers a higher filter surface area and exceptional contaminant capacity.

What is a Membrane Filter Cartridge?

Membrane filter cartridges are used as a final filtration step for sterile filtration or high efficiency filtration of liquids. It is a standard filter cartridge that could remove impurities from 0.1-100μm


Main Application of Membrane Filter Cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge is often involved in various applications:

  • Sterile Filtration Applications
  • Pre-filtration Application
  • Purification Application


Components of Membrane Filter Cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridges tend to vary from one product to another depending on various factors, but they all play more or less similar functions, they have somewhat similar components: End cap; Support media; Pre-membrane filter; Main-membrane filter; Core and protector.


Material of Membrane Filter Cartridge

  • DeltaMax Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax Hydrophilic PVDF Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax PES Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax GF Membrane Filter
  • DeltaMax Nylon66 Membrane Filter

pes& hydrophilic pes & PTFE, Membrane Filter Cartridge

Specification of Membrane Filter Cartridge

To keep these specifications of the membrane filter cartridge in mind is vital when you want to purchase one: Filter fineness; Dimensions; Working temperature; Working pressure and O-ring etc.

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