Membrane vessel


Membrane pressure vessels are designed for constant use as housing for membrane elements. The best membrane vessels are offered by Brother Filtration, and they are made to withstand the pressure needed by membranes today during treatment operations.

Brother Filtration adopts computer-controlled winding machines in the production process, strategic thermocouple positioning, and an accurate temperature flow curing process. To make it more strong and more rigid, UV-resistant polyurethane is coated on the exterior surface of the vessel. We also take the operation into consideration, we make sure that our membrane pressure vessels are simple to install and maintain.

Brother pressure vessels are engineered for Reverse Osmosis systems in a variety of industrial and commercial water treatment applications at pressures up to 1,200 PSI. By Brother’s recommended adapter kits, Brother pressure vessels can accommodate any standard make 2.5”,4”, and 8” membrane filtration elements.

Brother Filtration always adheres to the principle that making high-quality products. We use only reliable raw materials and parts which passed extremely strict quality control standards. Not only the raw materials but also the engineers are experienced and trained. The whole production process is based on strict ISO regulations.

The process of producing a membrane vessel

Winding Process: Computer-controlled winding machines

We use this machine to ensure stability, high precision, and optimum placement and positioning.

Curing Process: The curing process takes place in highly specialized ovens

We are one of the few companies using such advanced equipment for the curing process in China today.

Precision Drilling: Accuracy and alignment

We develop proprietary jigs and fixtures to ensure precise port accuracy and alignment.

Hydrotest Process: Rigorous hydro test

Rigorous hydro test process using computer-controlled equipment to eliminate leaks.


Brother Filtration pays attention to every steps of production process to manufacture high-quality and durable membrane vessels. Not only adopting high standard raw materials, but also using advanced technology and experienced workers.

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Produced by experienced and trained engineers
  • Computer controlled technology in production process
  • Strict adherence to ISO process settings
  • Strategic thermocouple positioning
  • Accurate temperature flow curing process

With care for every details, Brother Filtration outstanding and superior membrane vessels were made. They can fit with membranes of standard sizes, with all-powerful ability and high quality.

  • Minimizing down time lost
  • UV resistant polyurethane exterior paint finish
  • Stability and high precision
  • 5inch/4inch/8inch available
  • Easy installation
  • Withstand pressures up to 1,200 PSI

8inch-Membrane Vessels

Pressure 1 Element 2 Elements 3 Elements 4 Elements 5 Elements 6 Elements 7 Elements 8 Elements
300Psi F80-300S-1W F80-300S-2W F80-300S-3W F80-300S-4W F80-300S-5W F80-300S-6W F80-300S-7W F80-300S-8W
300Psi F80-300E-1W F80-300E-2W F80-300E-3W F80-300E-4W F80-300E-5W F80-300E-6W F80-300E-7W F80-300E-8W
450Psi F80-450S-1W F80-450S-2W F80-450S-3W F80-450S-4W F80-450S-5W F80-450S-6W F80-450S-7W F80-450S-8W
450Psi F80-450E-1W F80-450E-2W F80-450E-3W F80-450E-4W F80-450E-5W F80-450E-6W F80-450E-7W F80-450E-8W
600Psi F80-600S-1W F80-600S-2W F80-600S-3W F80-600S-4W F80-600S-5W F80-600S-6W F80-600S-7W F80-600S-8W
600Psi F80-600E-1W F80-600E-2W F80-600E-3W F80-600E-4W F80-600E-5W F80-600E-6W F80-600E-7W F80-600E-8W
1000Psi F80-1000S-1W F80-1000S-2W F80-1000S-3W F80-1000S-4W F80-1000S-5W F80-1000S-6W F80-1000S-7W F80-1000S-8W
1000Psi F80-1000E-1W F80-1000E-2W F80-1000E-3W F80-1000E-4W F80-1000E-5W F80-1000E-6W F80-1000E-7W F80-1000E-8W
1200Psi F80-1200S-1W F80-1200S-2W F80-1200S-3W F80-1200S-4W F80-1200S-5W F80-1200S-6W F80-1200S-7W F80-1200S-8W
1200Psi F80-1200E-1W F80-1200E-2W F80-1200E-3W F80-1200E-4W F80-1200E-5W F80-1200E-6W F80-1200E-7W F80-1200E-8W


4inch-Membrane Vessels

Pressure 1 Element 2 Elements 3 Elements 4 Elements 5 Elements 6 Elements 7 Elements
300Psi F40-300S-1W F40-300S-2W F40-300S-3W F40-300S-4W F40-300S-5W F40-300S-6W F4021-300S-1W
300Psi F40-300E-1W F40-300E-2W F40-300E-3W F40-300E-4W F40-300E-5W F40-300E-6W F4021-300E-1W
450Psi F40-450S-1W F40-450S-2W F40-450S-3W F40-450S-4W F40-450S-5W F40-450S-6W F4021-450S-1W
450Psi F40-450E-1W F40-450E-2W F40-450E-3W F40-450E-4W F40-450E-5W F40-450E-6W F4021-450E-1W
600Psi F40-600S-1W F40-600S-2W F40-600S-3W F40-600S-4W F40-600S-5W F40-600S-6W F4021-600S-1W
600Psi F40-600E-1W F40-600E-2W F40-600E-3W F40-600E-4W F40-600E-5W F40-600E-6W F4021-600E-1W
1000Psi F40-1000S-1W F40-1000S-2W F40-1000S-3W F40-1000S-4W F40-1000S-5W F40-1000S-6W F4021-1000S-1W
1000Psi F40-1000E-1W F40-1000E-2W F40-1000E-3W F40-1000E-4W F40-1000E-5W F40-1000E-6W F4021-1000E-1W
1200Psi F40-1200S-1W F40-1200S-2W F40-1200S-3W F40-1200S-4W F40-1200S-5W F40-1200S-6W F4021-1200S-1W
1200Psi F40-1200E-1W  F40-1200E-2W  F40-1200E-3W F40-1200E-4W F40-1200E-5W  F40-1200E-6W F4021-1200E-1W


2.5inch-Membrane Vessels

Pressure 1 Element 2 Elements 3 Elements
300Psi F2540-300E-1W F2521-300E-1W F2514-300E-1W
1000Psi F2540-1000E-1W F2521-1000E-1W F2514-1000E-1W
1200Psi F2540-1200E-1W F2521-1200E-1W F2514-1200E-1W
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