Metal Filter Cartridge

In situations where conventional filters are insufficient, metal filter cartridges are utilized. High temperatures, high pressures, corrosive chemicals, or a need to clean and reuse the cartridge could all be contributing factors to this condition. The main material of the metal filter cartridge is 316/304 stainless steel, and titanium is also used in some cases.

Due to its uniform pore size and the materials it uses, the metal filter cartridge has stronger chemical compatibility and resistance to high temperature and pressure. Not only that, it has a rigid internal support structure compared to conventional cartridges, enabling it to meet the specific requirements of the desired industry.

In the summer of 2022, Brother Filtration launched a new line called Metalman. The Metalman includes several distinctive metal cartridges to satisfy all kinds of special filtration needs. We use not only high-quality stainless steel materials but also titanium, and we believe these new products will catch your eye.

Good back flush effect

Good back flush effect

High porosity and separation rate

High porosity and separation rate

High sewage absorption capacity

High sewage absorption capacity

Resistance of extreme conditions

Resistance of extreme conditions

Metal Filter Cartridge

Metalman TCF
The Metalman TCF is made of more than 99.4% high-purity titanium structure, which has wide chemical compatibility.


Metalman CSSM
The Metalman CSSM is made of five-layer 316/304 stainless steel sintered mesh, which has excellent pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistance.


Metalman CSM/PSM
The Metalman CSM/PSM is made of woven stainless steel mesh, which can be made into a pleated structure and cylindrical structure.


Metalman PSF
The Metalman PSF which is made of sintered felt fiber has a large filtration area by folding and forming and achieving absolute filtration accuracy.

What makes Brother Filtration so reliable

We can provide you with not only high-quality high flow filters but also professional technical support, fast shipping time, and complete after-sales service. Our goal is to make the whole process worry-free for our customers.

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Features of a Metal Filter Cartridge

  • Inner reinforcing
  • All stainless steel/titaniumconstruction
  • Resistance of corrosion, high pressure and extreme temperature
  • Good back flush flow
  • No fiber migration
  • High porosity
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About our filtration technology

The liquid industry is never where we stop. Additionally, we are seeking for solutions for oil and air.

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The super strong filter cartridge -- Metal filter cartridge

Through the use of metal materials and technological processing, Metalman is tougher than you think.

What makes it so durable?

With our high performance Metalman filter cartridges, you can overcome the temperature and compatibility restrictions that fabric and synthetic fiber cartridges have. Its powerful physical and chemical compatibility makes it suitable in several extreme working environments, and thanks to its metal material, it can also be made to be used repeatedly.

Its uniform pore size makes its shape unchanged even under high temperature and pressure. The high porosity results in less filtration resistance and higher separation efficiency. Additionally, our high-quality materials guarantee that no fibers are lost while being used.

Brother filtration combines advanced technology and high-quality materials to produce sintered titanium powder filter, sintered mesh filter, pleated sintered fiber filter and pleated stainless steel filters. We believe our products can exceed your requirements and make you satisfied.

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Our Liquid Capabilities

Brother Filtration has provided quality liquid filtration products to process industries around the world. From pre-filtration to final – and from low capacity to high – when you think purity, think Brother Filtration.

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Metal Filter Cartridge: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following are common frequently asked questions (FAQ) about metal filter cartridges, along with their brief answers.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhat is a metal filter?

A metal filter, also namely a stainless steel filter, is a filtration device made from various metals, such as 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, or titanium, designed to remove impurities from liquids or gases. By utilizing different metals, these filters provide durability and reliable filtration performance for various industries and processes.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationWhat are the advantages of using metal filter cartridges?

Some advantages of using metal filter cartridges include high temperature and pressure resistance, durability, long lifespan, reusability, and high filtration efficiency. They can withstand harsh environments and are suitable for applications that require rigorous filtration.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow does steel filter work?

A stainless steel filter uses two mechanisms to remove particulate pollutants.

The first mechanism is inertial impaction. This mechanism captures large and dense particles, separating them from the airflow. These particles then collide with the cellulose filter elements due to their inertia.

The second mechanism is diffusion. This mechanism captures smaller particles by causing them to collide with the filter elements as they travel along random paths due to air currents.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow are sintered metal filters made?

Sintered metal filters are made through a specific manufacturing process.


Here is a brief explanation:


First, bronze powder is carefully placed in a mold.


Next, the mold containing the powder is subjected to a process called sintering. During sintering, the temperature is raised to a level that is below the melting point of the material. This causes the individual powder particles to fuse together, creating a solid structure.


Through this sintering process, the highly porous filters obtain their distinctive shape and properties. The resulting filters are characterized by their ability to efficiently filter various substances while allowing for the free flow of liquids or gases.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow do I compare the cost-effectiveness of different metal cartridges?

Compare the initial cost of the filter cartridge with its lifespan, maintenance requirements, and any potential savings from reusability. Consider the total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the cartridge.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationAre metal filter cartridges reusable?

Yes, metal filter cartridges are designed to be reusable. They can typically be cleaned and reused multiple times, making them a sustainable and cost-effective filtration option.

To clean a metal filter cartridge, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning. This may involve rinsing the cartridge under running water, soaking it in a cleaning solution, or using a brush to remove any trapped particles. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly dry the cartridge before reinserting it into the filtration system.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationHow do I know if the metal filter cartridge is compatible with the fluids or gases in my application?

It’s crucial to consult with the manufacturer or supplier, such as Brother Filtration, to ensure that the material of the filter cartridge is compatible with the specific fluids or gases it will filter. While stainless steel is commonly used for its versatility, other materials like titanium or nickel may be necessary for more corrosive environments.

Common Questions about brotherfiltrationCan metal filter cartridges be customized?

Yes, metal filter cartridges can be customized to meet specific filtration requirements. This includes custom sizing, mesh or pore size, filtration efficiency, and other specifications. Customization allows for optimal filtration performance in different applications.

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