ProClean Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag


ProClean Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag is weld and fused by nylon mesh which made of single fiber. With fixed aperture, Monofilament Nylon filter bag owns filtering accuracy range from 25UM-1250UM and can effectively intercept all kinds of hard larger particles. At the same time Nylon material can resist higher operating temperature, fiber is not easily deformed and has good tensile strength.

Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag has the characteristics of high rate, and it is suitable for the occasions where the filtration accuracy is not high, such as filtering large particles of impurities, pre-filtration, and coarse filtration.


Features of  ProClean Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag

  • Good welding technology, not easy be deformed, with high tensile strength
  • Mesh structure with fixed pore size, fixed value filtration, with good stability
  • Strengthen the outer edge sealing to make the seal structure more stable
  • Suitable for high viscosity boring and hard particulate impurities filtration
  • Full size1, size2, size3, size4 bags are available for customer’s actual operating environment
  • Plastic sealing rings, durable stainless steel rings and carbon steel rings can be selected for customer’s application with good sealing performance.
  • Other design can be provided according to the customer’s actual operating environment



Raw water


Coarse filtering

Car degreasing

Anticorrosive paint

Cutting fluid

Recycled water

More Description

Model Surface area (m2) OD (mm) Length (mm)
size1 0.25 178 420
size2 0.5 178 810
size3 0.09 102 230
size4 0.16 102 410
BCNFB -2 -PP 0 -P
Model Bag Size Material Micron Rating Ring Material
ProClean Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag 01=Size 1 NY=Nylon 25=25um
PE= Plastic E Type
PF=Plastic F Type
S= Stainless Steel
02=Size 2
03=Size 3
04=Size 4


1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to filter has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information