Multi Bag Filter Housing


Multi bag filter housing are economic choice in many filtration solutions. They are widely used in Brackish Water, Seawater, Municipal Water Treatment, Industrial Processing, Electronics Manufacturing, Ultra – Pure Water, Food & Beverage, Automotive Application, Power Generation and Health Care. Brother Filtration produce multi bag filter housing from 2 elements to 24 elements with large water capacity. High quality in compliance with ASME design code.

We have many years’ experience in water treatment industry. With strong and professional tech team, we are able to custom kinds of multi bag filter housings according to your filtration requests.

If you are looking for cost-efficient multi bag filter housing, please feel free to contact us. Professional advice will be offered to you.


Features & Advantages of multi bag filter housings:

  1. Friendly Bolt closure design for clients’ easier operation.
  2. Good sealing design for safe operation
  3. Wide range choice from 2-bag to 24-bag type
  4. Flange of Inlet and Outlet connection
  5. Bag filter housing material in stainless steel 304 or 316
  6. Internal lining series is available for strong chemical application
  7. Polishing or sandblasting surface treatment all available

More Description

ModelMax Flow(gpm)Max pressureMax TempPipe SizeMaterial
BF-M2400150 psi250°F3-4″304/316
BF-M3600150 psi250°F3-4″304/316
BF-M4800150 psi250°F3-6″304/316
BF-M51000150 psi250°F3-6″304/316
BF-M61200150 psi250°F3-8″304/316
BF-M71400150 psi250°F3-8″304/316
BF-M81600150 psi250°F4-8″304/316
BF-M102000150 psi250°F6-8″304/316
BF-M122400150 psi250°F6-10″304/316
BF-M142800150 psi250°F8-10″304/316
BF-M163200150 psi250°F8-12″304/316
BF-M183600150 psi250°F10-14″304/316
BF-M204000150 psi250°F10-16″304/316
BF-M224400150 psi250°F12-18″304/316
BF-M244800150 psi250°F14-18″304/316