Oil Filter Bag


Brother Filtration is happy to introduce a new type high cost effective filter bag for removing oil applications. This technology has high capacity on oil absorbing, with multi polypropylene layers, high filtration efficiency and micron rating from 1-100um.

Produced by 100% advanced meltblown polypropylene oil cotton, has excellent hydrophobic oil, quick absorbing oil speed, large absorb oil amount, 15020 times weight than self. Great resistant on acid and organic solvents.

Features of Oil Filter Bag

  1. 100% pure polypropylene micorfibers combined with other proprietary oil retaining fibers;
  2. Multi layers structure has 30 plus square feet;
  3. Wide rating from 1.0 to 50.o
  4. Plastic and stainless steel ring available;
  5. Excellent oil absorbing capacity;
  6. Retain up to 10.7 or more pounds of oil depending on micron;

Applications of Oil Filter Bag

  • Food processing
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Natural Gas Sweetening
  • Hydraulic system

More Description

Model DiameterLengthMicron RatingMedia

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