Phasic Single Cartridge Filter Housing


Phasic Single Cartridge Housing is a small flow high quality sanitary grade filter. With excellent surface and maximum corrosion resistance, filter meets the quality standards for preventing bacterial contamination. The unique structure of the sanitary filter cartridge ensures there is no dead corner on the inner and outer surfaces and conforms to the requirements of GMP. The Filter housing can be completely disassembled and washed, easy to operate.


Features of Phasic Single Cartridge Housing

Ultra-high polishing level, inner wall 0.3UM, outer wall 0.4UM, absolutely sanitary polishing;

Powerful fast loading, design pressure 0.6 MPA

Exhaust valve and drain valve: The threaded sleeve is disconnected from the pagoda joint, and the connected hose will no longer rotate at will during deflation and draining.

The feet of the filter use reinforced threads, which is not easy to regenerate and more durable; adjustment nut can be installed at the bottom of the foot to adjust the height of the filter for easy use.


Applications of Phasic Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of various antibiotics and other liquids

Food and beverage industry: filtration of alcohol, mineral water, drinking water

Petroleum industry: oilfield water injection filtration

Electronics industry: high-purity water pre-filtration

Chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and lyes.

More Description

Operating Conditions

Max Operating Pressure 0.6Mpa
Max Operating Temperature 150 ℃
Sterilization Online or steam 121 ℃/30min



Connection of shell Tri-Clamp
Inlet& Outlet(N1/N2) Tri-Clamp
Pressure Gage ( N3 (optional) 1.5’’  Tri-Clamp
Exhaust Vale/Drain Valve N4(optional) M6 Thread
Cartridges Connection 222/226 connection type



Filter shell  304L,316L
Vent Vale/Drain Valve 304L
Sealing ring & Gasket EPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicon


Surface Finish

Finish Type Polishing
Polishing precision 0.3um inner surface Ra ≤0.3um
0.4um outside surface Ra ≤0.4um


PSC -E -1R -10 -K -B
Model Material No. of cartridge Cartridge filter Sizes Inlet/Outlet connection Gasket materials
Phasic Single Cartridge Housing E=SS 304L
S=SS 316L
1R=1 PCS 10=10inch 20=20inch
K=Tri-clamp B=Buna N


Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information