Pleated Polyester Filter Cartridge


Pleated polyester filter cartridge from Brother Filtration, also named as PE pleated cartridge filters, is one of the best options for filtration of dirt, sand, silt and sediment. With the innovative pleating technology, polyester pleated filter cartridges outperform other depth filter elements like: string wound, spun polypropylene or melt blown in effective filtration area and lower pressure drop.

Another impressive advantage of Polyester pleated filter cartridge filters is that the 100% synthetic filter media is washable. Much cost can be saved by this advantage.

Customization requests can be met. Wide range of Polyester water filters for your options. With or without outer netting, standard or big blue/Jumbo diameter, single or double layers of membranes, feel free to let us know your requests on the polyester pleated filter cartridges.


Features and Advantages of Polyester pleated filter cartridge:

  1. Low Pressure Drop
  2. Longer Service Time
  3. Fewer filter element changeout
  4. Thermal bonded for total integrity


Applications of Polyester pleated filter cartridge:

  1. Pre-Filtration of RO system
  2. Drinking Water
  3. Filtration Water and Wastewater reuse
  4. Ground Water
  5. Remediation Disposal Water,
  6. Cooling Towers

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Polyester pleated filter cartridge