PP Pleated Filter Cartridge


PP pleated cartridge filter is constructed by 100% polypropylene media providing a wide range of chemical compatibility. The Polypropylene cartridge filters include 3 to 4 layers of membrane. The multi layers membrane structure enables a graded filtration pore sizes and increases the dirt-holding capacity of the PP pleated cartridge filters.

With rigid outer cage and strengthened inner core, the PP pleated filter cartridge can hold higher operation pressure than before.

And Brother Filtration Polypropylene pleated water filters adapt continuous pleating technology. It will help the PP water filter cartridges have longer service life and lower differential pressure drop during industrial filtration operation.

Economic or imported advanced Polypropylene membranes are at your options. All types of end caps or custom services available. If you are looking for realize some big ideas on the PP pleated cartridge filter, please feel free to contact us for engineering solutions.


Features and advantages of PP pleated cartridge filter

  1. 100% pure Polypropylene Media structure
  2. Upgraded strength polypropylene inner core
  3. Rigid outer cage making sure greater structure stability
  4. Multi membrane layers providing high dirt holding capacity
  5. Larger filtration efficiency
  6. Lower pressure drop


Applications of PP pleated cartridge filter

  1. Normal water treatment
  2. Chemicals
  3. Food and Beverage Industry
  4. Drinking Water
  5. Pre-filtration RO/DI Semiconductor
  6. Sea Water Desalination

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