High Flow Filter Cartridge

We have invested and developed over 50 types of end connections for High Flow filters. No matter what you need, you will find a better one here. Brother Filtration High Flow water filters are mainly used to replace Pall Ultipleat, Parker Megaflow, 3M CUNO, Pentair Aqualine items. And also as an innovative team, we are glad to custom design your special High Flow filters. High flow water filter will be your future water filter element choice.

FRP Filter Housing

Brother Filtration has two types of FRP filter housing for your high flow rate filtration project. One is end-in-end-out and the other one is end-in-side-out. FRP filter housing is a new trend large water capacity filtration system. It occupies smaller installation place and brings 50% cost off than traditional stainless steel housing.

Pleated Filter Cartridge

Brother Filtration is a specialist in pleated filter cartridge making. We provide cost competitive high quality pleated filter cartridges including polypropylene, fiberglass, polyester membrane media. Quick delivery time is guaranteed by 6 pleated production line.

Membrane Filter Cartridge

Brother Filtration also supplies the membrane filter cartridges used in food & beverage industry, pharmecitical, and semiconductor etc. Wide choices of filtration media from PES, PTFE, PVDF to GF. 100% professional test support offered and both OEM and OEM services available.

Sediment Filter Cartridge

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridge, supplying you the cost competitive high quality sediment filters including melt blown filter, string wound filter, cotton wound filter, and special resin filter cartridge for condensate water filtration in power generation plant.

Industrial Filter Bags

Brother Filtration provides liquid filter bag and oil absorb fiter bag. Liquid filter bag with polypropylene media and polyester media, large water capacity and easy installation. Oil absorb bag with large absorb capacity and good performance in the application.

Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Brother Filtration is a good designer and innovate manufacturer on the special housing requirement. We have flexible and innovative design solutions for your filter housing projects including bag filter housing, cartridge filter housing with stainless steel, carbon steel construction media.

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