PTFE Filter Cartridge


PTFE pleated filter cartridge uses hydrophobic or hydrophilic PTFE membrane for strict liquid or gas filtration processes, providing the cleanest fluids at the lowest possible cost. With components built in PP material, this PTFE pleated cartridge filter is almost chemical inert. The PTFE pleated water filters are free of surfactants, resins, binders and adhesives.

For pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other strict applications, PTFE membrane pleated filter cartridge is always a good choice for you.

If further project information provided to us, we are glad to offer you suitable engineering OEM/ODM PTFE pleated filter cartridge solutions.


Features and advantages of PTFE pleated filter cartridge

  1. Broad chemical compatibility
  2. High surface are design for better flow rate
  3. Even pore sizes distributed on the PTFE membrane for better retention
  4. Thermally welded for good integrity
  5. Variety end cap and sealing options
  6. OEM/ODM available

More Description

PTFE pleated filter cartridge data sheet