PVC UF Membrane


The bilateral cortex structure of asymmetry is applied in the modified PVC membrane hollow fiber. The liquid is filtrated twice during operation, thus the quality product water is assured.

Feature of PVC UF Membrane

Statec UF membrane hollow fiber made of imported raw material has an excellent mechanical performance which prevents the breakage of hollow fiber effectively. Its outstanding performance of antipollution allows a very low operation pressure avoiding the form of concentration polarization on membrane hollow fiber surface.

The structuring of micropores filtrate passage utilizes internationally advanced pore-forming technology, with trumpet-shaped filtrate passages radiate from inside to outside. Thus the membrane flux rate would be recovered to a maximum extent.

Excellent chemical stability is a guarantee to clean pollutants such as a microbe, organic and non-organic substances off the membrane cortex surface efficiently in chemical washing, hence to recover flux rate and extend the life span of the membrane.



1. Tap water treatment-Sea water desalination pretreatment

2. Reuse of recycled water

3. Sewage treatment

4. Seawater and special breeding

5. Industrial circulating water and industrial and mining enterprises process water treatment

6. Car washing and washing wastewater treatment

7. Comprehensive utilization of rainwater

8. Integrated water supply for the troop, disaster rescue and emergency

More Description

Material Operation Mode Pore size Model No. Membrane Area (㎡) Dimension (mm) Connection  size
PVC Inside-to-outside 100KH AQU90B-PVC 4.1 Φ90X1210  DN25
AQU160-PVC 16.9 Φ160X1420 DN32
AQU200-PVC 25.5 Φ200X1481 DN40
AQU250A-PVC 32.7 Φ250X1402 DN50
AQU250B-PVC 43.1 Φ250X1740 DN50
AQU250C-PVC 54.3 Φ250X2108  DN50
Outside-to-inside 100KH AQU160E-PVC-W 36 Φ160X1800  DN32
AQU200B-PVC-W 54 Φ200X1900  DN50
AQU250-PVC-W 76.6 Φ250X2108  DN50