Reinfored PVDF UF Membrane


Innovative product—Reinforced PVDF UF Membrane

Utilize internationally advanced membrane manufacturing technique, improve the structure of the hollow fiber and carry out PVDF UF membrane of internal lining, which makes it superior to traditional PVDF UF membrane on oxidation resistance and anti-fouling performance. This improvement increases the anti-stretching toughness and pressure resistance capability of the hollow fiber, it has solved the breakage problem of the hollow fiber completely.



High toughness of PVDF membrane yarn

High pollution resistance

Strong chemical stability

Low operating energy consumption

More Description

Material Model No. Membrane Area (㎡) Filtration Precision (μm) Operation Mode Dimension (mm) Connection size
PVDF AQU90B-PVDF 7.2 0.1 Outside-to-inside Φ90X1210 DN25
AQU160E-PVDF 40 Φ160X1800  DN32
AQU250-PVDF 76.6 Φ250X1740  DN50
AQU200B-PVDF-(Z) 34 Φ200X1900 DN50
AQU250-PVDF-(Z) 51 Φ250X1740  DN50