Resin Filter Cartridge


Resin filter cartridge is back-washable widely used in Power Plants water treatment systems. The resin powered pre-coatable string wound water filters use high quality PP yarn during production.

Most conventional and nuclear Power Plants have a constant need to polish condensate water from steam. It is important that fine particles and dissolved contaminants are removed from the condensate before the feed water is reintroduced into the boiler. Or else major damages can be done to the boilers and turbines. Unexpected downtime and costly repairs are not our customers would like to see. That is why PP backwash resin string wound filter cartridges are so needed.

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Features & Advantages of Resin Filter Cartridge

  • Powdered, pre-coatable elements designed especially for condensate polishing applications.
  • Resin retaining elements with a longer service life
  • Higher quality pre-coat which reduces resin use and disposal costs
  • Minimal extractable through the use of pure
  • Qualified materials of construction.
  • No resin bleed-through due to tighter surface retention
  • OEM/ODM services available

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